Dr. Tom Zinser, Clinical Psychologist on Difference Between Darkness and Evil |451|

Chester! Thks so much for posting John Cleese's interview on Rebel Wisdom. He was on a panel taking comments about the range of subjects in the University of Virginia's Division of Perceptual Studies. This woman stood up & began this rapid-fire recount of how "f--ked up" her life had been before she ...blah...blah...F--k, etc It was so vulgar of an account of her crisis & renewal that it silenced the PhDs & researchers & Cleese had the most shocked & dumb-founded look on his face that it was PRICE-LESS! This account of Cleese's severe discomfort at the coarse comments is a way of showing how is he is steadfastly honest & forthright in his dealing w/ the public. In my case, I would have masked my revulsion at such a choice of words & written it off as her right of self-expression. This is exactly what he means when he says political correctness has been twisted into something bad, not an avenue to encourage people to be kind or considerate. I also really enjoyed his sharp denunciation of people who can't tell the difference between joking satire of horrible racist naming-calling & actual bigoted language. We humans really must strive to return to a balance regarding the left & right hemispheres of our brains.