Former psychic spy claims parapsychology is off course. Suffers from Stockholm Syndrome |296|

I had never heard of this guy or what he is trying to sell. Is it basically that he claims to know where ordinary citizens threatened with annihilation from nuclear attack, can find a place to survive ? And it's going to cost 119.99 dollars to get the information ? Sounds like a great deal saving your ass for 119.99 but if it had been 120 dollars I would have passed on it :)

I must be wrong though, surely not ?
Yes, $119.99 is a bargain to pay so that someone will tell you where to go. :D
Assuming this took off, what would he do with all that dough after Armageddon there probably wouldn't be much left to spend it on.
According to interview, he can't give away the information for free because George Noory's sanctuary might not be suitable for someone else. And if the info were public knowledge, everything would be ruined. And don't ask him where Noory's sanctuary is, because he won't tell you, not even for $119.99.