George Hanson "trickster and the paranormal" : A breakthrough

Or perhaps at certain times, the in most one attempts to to reward us for suffering the " slings and arrows of this outrageous matrix"
By rewarding us with what it precicves as the secrets of our hearts desire?
Here's something a little less serious than the nasty antics the trickster gets up to - maybe sometimes he likes to play games with us?
I wrote this piece with photos for my Facebook page today.
Here's the link and pix for those on FB.
Here's the text for those who are not.

Don’t you just love synchronicities – those coincidences which make you scratch your head and believe the universe is playing some cosmic joke on you?
Here’s what happened to me today.
Rushing to keep a dental appointment I noticed the spare bedroom door was open so looked in and realised something had changed. It was that a circular tarot card poster normally blue tacked to a mirror behind a bed head, was missing.
It had come adrift and slipped behind the bed onto the floor ...out of reach.
Somewhere in my head I remembered that I had one of those long handled grabber things that the disabled use to pick up stuff without bending down – and I found it on top of a shelf.
What I had completely forgotten – and made me smile - was that instead of a conventional grabber – it was a joke one with false teeth at one end.
But not only that – one set of teeth had come apart from the ‘jaw’.
I managed to click it back into place and with some grunting and groaning used it to retrieve the fallen poster.
By now I was late for the dentist but got there in time to be ushered into a surgery.
He said ‘Ah you have a broken tooth’ – ‘No’ I replied.
’What’s your date of birth?’ – silence when I told him and much whispering with a dental nurse.
’Sorry you’re with the wrong dentist, he said and they took me to another surgery.
”It’s just a check up” I told dentist number two.
”You could really use a denture” he said – “No” – I replied “Had one once and couldn’t get on with it”
As he poked around before sending me on my way – I couldn’t stop laughing to myself about my morning of fixing false plastic teeth before rushing to a dentist who did his best to persuade me to buy some!
Yep, and that’s the honest tooth!