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But if there is no paradigm of good and evil there is no reason to come back as a perpetrator of atrocities to another human being to understand the 'separateness' of evil acts.
thanks for this. it's a great point and well put.

If you are pushing for back to oneness then separateness is the evil which means its all broken - which is kind of the Gnostic theme then.
Agreed. I understand why Christians often have a negative reaction to anything gnostic. it sometime seems to put Darkness on par with Light... I.E. two opposing forces versus one force that allows the other to exist in order to illuminate the contrast.
I have completed thirteen CSETI week-long trainings with Steven Greer (my website: ) ... and so I am definitely in the camp of "There are no evil ETs." In general, I believe that this issue was resolved among ETs billions of years ago ... it is simple, a planet-based species is simply not allowed to go off planet until they are ready for peaceful contact. The competition for resources on a single planet means that the humanoid species evolves with aggressive tendencies. Once you have access to trans-dimensional technologies you can manifest any material thing you desire, and so as a species, you need to lose the aggression before graduating to the stars.

But in terms of your discussion with Grant Cameron I think the argument might have moved forward if you could have spoken in terms of scale, or perspective. I am often irritated by people who refer to quantum physics when they say, "You can create your own reality -- anything you want -- the observer effect, etc." Just because quantum experiments can use a light wave like a tsunami to hit an electron (i.e. like a single grain of sand on a beach) and we are left to ponder the probabilities of what may have happened to that single electron ... just because we can do things at the micro-level does not mean that the same processes are in anyway appropriate for the macro-level (thank you Brian Greene).

Constantly bringing the spiritual perspective down to the 3D level is fraught with problems. I have often thought of Buddhist meditation as pointless navel gazing ... what is the point of incarnating in this realm, only to spend your entire life reminding yourself that it is all an illusion of consciousness -- this seems like a spiritual fools-errand to me. Isn't the whole point of incarnating here to experience separation, fear and evil? Are we not meant to 'play' with good and evil? And thus discover our own limitations in this realm? When we return to the spiritual realms will we not learn that our greatest enemies in 3D, are in fact our best buddies at the spiritual level, and that they agreed to play a role, a scripted role that would ultimately help us in our spiritual evolution?

In 2006, I was at the exopolitics conference in Kona, Hawaii, and Daryl Anka channeled his inner ET, named Bashar. Some new-age snowflake stood up and asked,
"Shouldn't we just focus on the positive and reject all negativity?"​
Bashar's answer on this was the most brilliant I have ever heard on the subject,
"In order to appreciate the light, you must explore the dark, in fact the further you explore the dark, the more you will be jettisoned into the light. Exploring the dark, is like pulling a rubber band as taut as it can be, when you finally turn to the light, you will be snapped further into the light than you have ever been before."
And so, there is a purpose for being in physical 3D, with all it's limitations, and finding a reason for compassion, identifying ideals and taking action to attain them. I would say to Grant Cameron,
"Yes, mistakes will be made, and will ultimately be pondered ... at the spiritual level ... with a spiritual post-game review ... but it is the imperfection of intention and striving that we are called to appreciate."

Still Bashar's answer is appropriate for a being at the level of an incarnate being in physical 3D. Grant Cameron's repeated claim, "It is all one, just consciousness is" ... is really appropriate only at the higher scale of spiritual reality. To focus on that thought while incarnate in 3D is just another version of navel-gazing ... the main risk for people in 3D is that they become too detached ... nothing seems real to them ... too prone to denial when faced with evil ... and this is usually considered a form of insanity.

For what it is worth, in March 2001 I had a Life-Between-Life regression with Michael Newton. He definitely was working with a rather rigid model, and I did not fit the model ... basically, his model was that each of us reincarnates throughout many lives with the same people. I am a loner, and so his model did not apply. But during his hypnosis he was open to the possibility that I was/had been an ET. He asked, "When did you first come to Earth?" I was flying around the surface of a volcanic planet with no atmosphere, from there we found my original planet. While I did not fit Newton's model, I certainly fit the model of person-hood, as described by shaman Hank Wesselman. Two years, after Newton's hypnosis, I was introduced to Hawaiian shamanism, and recognized a key event in the 2001 hypnosis session. My "consciousness" suddenly split into three parts .... my physical body, my ku (with emotions and memories) was sobbing uncontrollably, my mind, my lono (with thoughts and the power of creativity) was trying to listen to Newton's instructions and follow through to the next step, meanwhile my over-soul, my aumakua was editorializing (i.e. I don't understand. Why is my body crying uncontrollably? I planned this one month ago. I knew I was going to take THAT life off the shelf and work through it. Etc.). It was odd to have awareness of all three parts at the same time. Bottom line? I suspect that spiritual reality may be exactly like this, except that maybe there are one thousand parts (or many more?) that one is aware of, all at the same time, and many of those parts may be of the evil of others that we fought against in physical 3D.

Recently, through my ET Contact efforts, I have encountered five people who may have Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID). Starting in the 1980s many of the programs inserted into the minds of these children were: "You have been abducted by aliens." Furthermore, it is clear that the tens of thousands of people in North America subjected to satanic rites, were tricked and deceived into believing in demons. Thus we may have an entire cohort that fervently believe in Satan, demons, etc. and are constantly manipulated by the cults, and have very little opportunity to transcend their programming. I currently believe that those entities do not exist at all, nor do they provide 'power' to anyone ... all the evil that exists in humanity comes from the mundane imaginations of damaged people. The following resources have informed this view--to understand DID childhoods, the following resources have been recommended:
1) DES survey: Disassociative Experiences Scale -
2) Book by psychologist, Allison Miller: Becoming Yourself -
3) Book by psychologist, Allison Miller: Healing the Unimaginable​
4) Online: Teal Swan
- The Completion Process or the Synchronization Workshop​

The five contactees mentioned above, all have psychic abilities that are off the hook. And they seem to have frequent paranormal effects around them, and so I agree that Grant Cameron, in his revisionist quest to resurrect Jacques Vallee's perspectives may have merit. We may be dealing with a "clock-work" that is associated with the intelligence of planet. As it happens, Jay Weidner has two youtubes on "Plasma: The Invisible Universe" that refer to hyper-dimensions that bleed through to our 3D reality, in certain locations. His interview with Andrew Collins suggests a rather long reading list:

Part One: Plasma: The Invisible Universe (June 18, 2020)​
Part Two: Plasma: The Invisible Universe (June 22, 2020)​

Finally, I completely disagree with Grant Cameron's assertion that use of psychedelics is just another act of creating consciousness ... my experiences have been about being a passive participant, watching the movie go by in a way that I could NEVER have created.

Thank you for your wonderful interview on Forum Borealis. I have seen your name online for years, but no chance to review your work until now. Looking at your list of guest interviews, I feel like I have found a goldmine. Eureka!
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hi Deb... welcome... thx for the awesome post. pls give me a shot at a couple of follow-ups :)

I have completed thirteen CSETI week-long trainings with Steven Greer (my website: ) ... and so I am definitely in the camp of "There are no evil ETs." In general, I believe that this issue was resolved among ETs billions of years ago ... it is simple, a planet-based species is simply not allowed to go off planet until they are ready for peaceful contact.
what did you think about my interview with Bruce Fenton. I think he makes a pretty strong evidence based case of an ET battle for the planet kind of thing 780 thousand years ago:

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Brandernburg is pointing in the same direction:
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and then there are all the accounts... including Dolan's wife:
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I also found this movie compelling:
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finally in the Tom Zinser thread he talks about contact with "Evil" ETs.

there were a lot of other great points in your post, and I'm sure I'll get around to responding to a lot of them, but I thought this would be a good place to start since this question of whether or not there could be evil ET seems to be central.