Happy New 2014 Year!!!


The first year after the proclaimed change of epochs (2012, you remember?) ;) has passed... almost. Only a pair of days left. I would be out of my town (and my PC) for a week, so this is my last post of 2013.

We had a hot year - the TEDx conflict, attempts to censor "esotheric material" and so on. But, I hope, all these difficulties are just temporary. We are slowly talking hold in the minds of educated and intelligent people, and getting stronger.

And this is only a start: Consciousness Revolution is coming back (I hope). Now, in the age of the Internet, we have a real chance to do what the first revolutionaries of 1950s - 1970s were not able to do. But they have no new means of information transfer, and we have them now.

I congratulate all bold heretics and courageous rebels that creates the Future now! Especially some of them are members of this forum.

Well, again: Happy New Year. And New Epoch. :)