Hello powers that be on Skeptico, think we could try and get this person on?

Hello, as a mystical Catholic myself I think this guy would be great for an interview for a podcast IMO if he will do it; Brother Alda a Catholic spiritual magician ; this guy knows his stuff too ; check out the interviews. I attached his web site also; very smart man on the subject matter of interest ; the best IMO. Alex and him would make a great interview ! some good back and forth IMO. It would be colorful.


web site

thx for the suggestion... IDK
That would be COOL! I would LOVE to hear that along with most on your great web site! This guy knows his shit with subject matter. he's a former Catholic Bishop that told the Catholic church of today to go take a hike! He's all about Vatican one and the occult magical side of catholic faith , not the church ; they way it should be. He's a very educated man and an expert in the field . Listen to some of his interviews. I would say if you could set this up it will be great! You will be challenged though, but all in a good time. I talk to him sometimes , very good person!