How to defeat materialists with their own matter and laws.

Scientific materialism assumes matter and energy can account for all of reality. Abiogenesis (life from nonlife) and evolution (the formation of the panoply of life) are spawns of this philosophy.

One of many ways to defeat materialism is to consider the origin of free will.

Materialists would say the choices we make in life can be reduced to neuronal functions that in turn result from biochemical and atomic actions. However, atoms obey physical laws, such as those governing nuclear forces and electromagnetism. Atoms don't choose whether they obey or not. They are robotic slaves to these laws. That's why chemists can predictably synthesize the things they do. So much of chemical A plus so much of B, under certain conditions, will create so much of C. This occurs without fail over and over.

Yet humans, composed of such atoms, have the ability to choose. Therefore, atoms cannot account for this human ability. The ability must, therefore, come from elsewhere, elsewhere than matter.

The only out for materialists is to claim the implausible, namely that we have no free will and all actions are deterministic going back to the Big Bang.


These nonreligious concepts are developed more fully here if interested.
Thanks, that is true. However, free will cannot be equated with randomness. Atoms behave randomly at one level, and obey absolute natural laws at another level. Neither of these behaviors can be equated with free will.