I found a veridical NDE account in French I haven't seen before

I've been studying French and out of curiosity I did a quick search to see what info I could find about NDEs that I hadn't already come across in English. I quickly found yet another account of an NDE with veridical elements. It's apparently a well known case, and is briefly discussed in this article: https://www.inrees.com/articles/Temoignages-de-personnes-revenues-de-la-mort/

A french man was shot in the chest during an army exercise. He was taken to the hospital and had an out-of-body experience. He looked around and noticed a plaque underneath the operating table that said "manufacture de Saint-Etienne." Months later, he returned to the hospital to ask about the plaque he saw, and when they investigated, they were astonished to find that he was correct about the plaque and the writing.