I See Dead People: Dreams and Visions of the Dying | Dr. Christopher Kerr

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  2. It's good that this information is being publicized to the audience by an MD. But I would rather hear a talk by Nancy, the nurse. She would probably not be afraid to talk about shared and veridical death-bed visions.

    One of the things some people are concerned about as science is confronted with data that contradicts it's long held attachment to methodological naturalism is that when science can't deny the mass of data, it lies about it. This happened with mesmerism. When scientists couldn't ignore the numbers of mesmerized patients who underwent surgery and felt no pain, they just ignored the paranormal phenomenon of remote induction, veridical perception, and psychic healing, associated with mesmerism and renamed the phenomena that were acceptable to materialists as hypnotism. This seems to be happening here with death-bed visions. Deny there is anything paranormal (1:29 in the video) and talk about only what is acceptable.

    But isn't the deliberate suppression of data a form of scientific misconduct? I can't say I blame Dr. Kerr. It is natural to want to keep your job. He may know that Dr. Raymond Moody was put in a mental hospital when he began to study near-death experiences. But it is unfortunate that some segments of our society are so intolerant that scientists have to suppress data because they are afraid of the consequences of telling the truth.

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    I just watched this video and, afterwards, I googled "Christopher Kerr Peter Fenwick". I did so because the subject matter seemed to confirm the research described by Fenwick in his book (co-authored with his wife, Elizabeth), The Art of Dying (see the link in the previous post). Google brought me back here - inevitably.

    I was surprised to hear the off-hand dismissal by Dr. Kerr of anything paranormal in these experiences, especially as Dr. Fenwick is more than willing to express his conviction that a spiritual reality is a conclusion difficult, if not impossible, to avoid. I hoped to find that the two had compared notes but, alas, could find no links via my google search. Yet throughout, I had the impression that Dr. Kerr would like to take that philosophical step into spirituality. His compassion and insistence that the anecdotes be treated with the respect they deserve seemed to be sincere.
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