Intentional Veridical OBE's are rare or non-existent

Can anyone find research rather than eye witness testimony that they occur in testable, repeatable fashion?

I don't believe anyone is currently trying, perhaps because they have given up? For example, cyrus kirkpatrick has an active facebook group where its reported that people meet up in the astral realm.

There are many possibilities for fruitfull research, but I think what instead will occur is claims and convictions and no progress. I cannot think of a simpler research paradigm that offers strong evidence the brain is not the mind.

One might be convinced in other ways. One such way is providing a lot of data on the brain as filter hypothesis, but that is for a different thread.
I guess that paragraph was modified by copy/paste one two many times?
Sorry. Typing on my phone leads to lack of detail.

Yes, I meant the research in the article could be read in a few weeks. Sorry, very sloppy. As for a month, I simply doubled whatever was left out which is clearly just a made up statement / estimate. Keep in mind most of the research is review articles, not original research.

And you already recognize its easy to be a world class expert in near death studies, as few fields of knowledge exist where you can read everything over the weekend. I don't count articles that do not do experiments or simply speculate brain = mind.

Finally, to nail down my point, talented OBE experiencers don't care about knowledge that is scientific:

"Question: Is life after death a theory, or do you believe it can be scientifically proven at some point?

Jurgen: To me Life after Death is an experience not a theory. The more you experience this state of consciousness which transcends physical awareness the less you need to be convinced that life after death is a reality. I no longer even feel inclined to convince anybody because it has become such an obvious fact to me and it is up to everybody else to make up their own mind. Convincing others would be like convincing someone that water is wet, it's pointless. "

A similar attitude is found among many others. And its common knowledge among them this realm they visit is not that consistent. Its why they say they don't need science!