Just a thought.

So I’m new here. Ran across the Skeptiko podcast via another cast and haven’t stopped listening. Great work Alex!
Well informed and based in an intellectual setting which is fresh in itself.

My own personal opinion of the subject of extended Consciousness is that the brain is a transceiver. We live in an unseen sea of consciousness. This is outside of human constructs such as time and space.

We are separated from the source of our own volition, this is entirely for a purpose of learning. Consciousness is hierarchical in nature and is both primordial and fundamental. My hypothesis is that we are a fraction of that state, learning in order to educate the whole. All life is within the hierarchical order and therefore sentient to degrees within their hierarchical station if you like.

Progressive science such as Quantum mechanics and physics can fit into the hierarchy, and indeed can help to explain some of the extended consciousness experience. Does non locality help to explain the ability to exist in more than one plain of existence such as OBE or NDE etc...
I think so.

Cosmologically life on this planet is infant, there are a great many things unanswered, I feel we are shifting our awareness to more clearly begin to understand the nature of life in the material and immaterial plains of existence and what that existence means.

These are exciting times indeed.
Thank you for engaging. When I agreed, I was thinking about it this way: consciousness is hierarchical in nature and is both immanent/inherent/primordial in that sense, and fundamental in the sense of the transcendent/underlying/overall metaversal matrix of consciousness. ThetaK may have been referring to something else, but that's what I meant. If you have time, here's Chapter 2 of A Simple Explanation of Absolutely Everything, which speaks to this: https://asimpleexplanation.blogspot.com/2011/12/all-about-simple-conscious-universe.html

From the aforementioned article:
"One spiritual implication of this fractal model is that the Universal Unit of Consciousness may be visualized as both immanent and transcendent, as many spiritual traditions claim. Immanent within every one of my body's Units of Consciousness, at the tiniest fractal crossover point at the center of each toroidal Unit of Consciousness. Transcendent at the outer edge of the Very Large, where our Universal UC nests against the infinite, undifferentiated Metaversal UC ("God the Father," "Sat," "Pure Consciousness," the "Undifferentiated Unity"). We humans are suspended thusly, a particular fractal emanation of, and located within, creation, yet patterned directly from pure consciousness. "