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    The Man From Taured

    "Our story takes place way back in 1954 at the Haneda Airport, Tokyo, Japan. It was an apparently very humid and hot day and a routine European airline was due to land on a designated runway.

    The plane landed and the occupants made their way patiently through the customs desks. One of the passengers seemed to stand out from the crowd – a middle aged Caucasian man who was apparently arriving for a business trip.

    It turns out he had traveled to Japan three times already that year and his main language was french. After conversing with the man the officials determined that he could also speak several other languages and he held many different currencies.

    Everything seemed straight with his story until they asked him where he was from – he casually claimed he was from Taured…


    The officials calmly told the man that Taured did not exist but he insisted that it did – it was on the border between France and Spain! He then provided them with his passport and sure enough it was a real passport that showed other visits to Japan and other countries.

    The man from Taured then gave the officials the details of his business meeting and they contacted the company at once. The company had never heard of this stranger’s business and the hotel had no booking under his name!

    All a Big Joke?

    The bearded stranger started to laugh at the officials and ask them whether or not they were having a joke on his behalf.

    The officials brought out a map and pointed to Andorra on it – maybe this guy was a little confused. At once the stranger lost his temper and informed them Andorra did not exist and it had taken the place of Taured on the map!

    By this point he was really not happy with the whole incident and he claimed that his proud country had been around for thousands of years!

    The officials placed the man from Taured in a local hotel for the night so they could look deeper into the situation.

    The Next Morning…….

    The following morning the man from Taured was nowhere to be found – it was is if he had vanished into thin air. There had been numerous immigration officials outside the door guarding the mysterious traveler and the door was not opened once!

    All of the man from Taured’s personal documents including his passport and drivers license issued by the mystery country had vanished from the airport’s security room…..

    It was as if this unique stranger had never even existed – police and officials searched high and low for him but nothing was seen of him again.

    What do you think happened to the man from Taured?"

    Here is a few other; men out of time;

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    Perhaps this man was undercover, or something like that, an intense secret service operative and when his cover was blown by local officials his superiors pulled some strings and removed him without allowing word of it to spread. Send your agents in at night to remove him safely and show your badge to the guards along with, "We're from Sector 7. The boss likes the work you're doing and you're in for a promotion so not a word of this to anyone." kind of thing lol Who knows, but cool story.
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    Yeah, but why would a secret agent have a passport from Taured full with legit stamps and verifications that it had been used to travel to numerous countries before - including Japan? Hardly the smoothest way to stay under the radar for a secret agent? It is indeed a cool story though.
  4. What is the source of this story?

    This is all I could find:
    Was it published as news in a newspaper at the time? Was a person identified as the source of the story and were they in a position to know and of respectable character?
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    I've looked around and found the same references as you did - those books. They are not available online for reading, so it's hard to find out what sources they are referring to. But, by looking around some more, I found a guy who wrote a "song" called; "The Man from Taured" – by Frankenstein Sound Lab. The "song is almost as weird as the story. :) Here it is if you care to listen to it.

    Anyway; this guy received a lot of traffic on his site and did later found out that people where looking for more info about The Man from Taured since the story broke online. He explains his story, and how he got around to use that title for his "song" on the AboveTopSecret-forum;

    "Well, this is interesting - I'm the guy responsible for the Frankenstein Sound Lab album "The Man From Taured", and I was wondering why it was suddenly attracting so many plays. Now I know.

    So what can I add to the topic....

    SOURCE: I came across the story in "The Directory Of Possibilities", edited by Colin Wilson & John Grant [Corgi paperback, 1982. ISBN: 0-552-119946]. There was apparently a hardback edition published by Webb & Bower in 1981.

    The book might be described as a sort of "Beginners Guide To Weird #" - it introduces various subjects and discusses the pros and cons as known at the time of publication.

    Our man turns up in the section on Appearing People - kind of the opposite of People Who Vanish Without Trace, it cites Kaspar Hauser and Spring-heeled Jack as two high profile examples. But the one we're interested in here is mentioned exactly as on the Malice In Sunderland website previously quoted in this thread -

    "Other people have claimed to come from lands not known to exist. In 1851 a certain Joseph Vorin came to the attention of the German authorities; he said he was from Laxaria, in a country called Sakria.

    "In 1905 a young man was arrested in Paris; he spoke an unknown language but managed to convey that he was a citizen of Lisbian - not, it should be stressed, Lisbon.

    "And in 1954 a passport check in Japan is alledged to have produced a man with papers issued by the nation of Taured."

    That's it - that one sentence is all there is. None of these extra details now being talked about. No mention even of an airport or, for that matter a passport - just "papers".

    A slight additional mystery - The section of "further reading" mentions "Out Of Thin Air: People Who Appear From Nowhere" by Paul Begg, described as "forthcoming". Was this the original source ? Did it have the expanded story now making the rounds ? And was it ever actually published ? I couldn't find any mention on the net - though plenty for Begg's companion volume - "Into Thin Air: People Who Disappear" [David & Charles, 1979]. These are listed next to each other in the reading list, so not a case of mistaken identity.

    I might add that when "The Man From Taured" album was released in 2004 I did an internet search for "Taured" and variations thereof, and drew a complete blank - the story didn't seem to be on the net back then, or at least I didn't find it.

    Just for the record, the title was chosen simply because I'd recently read the book and it stuck in my mind. Song titles are never my strongpoint, so it was gratefully co-opted for the track, and then it just seemed like a good album title too.

    I think that's probably all I can add to the subject. It certainly didn't originate with Frankenstein Sound Lab, as one poster suggested.

    For those who want to check out the album -

    Malice In Sunderland"
    He is also referring to the story from "The Directory Of Possibilities", edited by Colin Wilson & John Grant [Corgi paperback, 1982. ISBN: 0-552-119946].
    But as you can read, he, in turn, says that the author of "The Directory Of Possibilities" was somewhat referring to a book by Paul Begg called; "Out Of Thin Air: People Who Appear From Nowhere" as a source.

    He did though, write a book called; "Into Thin Air: People Who Disappear", but the other book was either unpublished - or non existent. Here is his book about people disappearing in to thin air , and it's not that hard to imagine he might have written a book about stories about the opposite; people appearing out of nowhere, as well - and just maybe it didn't get published for some reason. Only he knows.

    If someone has the actual books; "The Directory Of Possibilities", edited by Colin Wilson & John Grant, or; "Strange But True: Mysterious and Bizarre People" (1999), or even some info from Paul Begg, it would be interesting.
    But as it looks, The Man from Taured-story is looking thinner and thinner.

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