Marianne Williamson for Congress? Spritiuality is going into the world of politics

Marianne Williamson, a spirtual teacher and a participant of (Ex-)TEDxWestHollywood event, are now going to the US Congress no less!

Well, it is highly unusual for the pro-spirituality, pro-paranormal person to aim at the Congress position!

I, generally, like the idea. If we, spiritual crowd, want to be heard, we need to be as public as possible, including having representatives in Washington, D.C. With all my honest bitter skepticism (sometimes reaching the level of grim cyncism) towards politics and politicians in general, I have to live and act in a world which is still political; and, until we are mentally transformed enough to enter a post-political reality, we have to choose the least unpleasant political variants - but without attaching ourselves to any particular political force. We should never forget that any alliances in political sphere must serve the ultimatite goal of advancement of mankind to the higher stage where "politics" would become a topic in historical scholarship.

I watched the video with self-description of Marianne's goals and read her list of issues. Well, I like fer program, especially her strong proponence of the woman's right for abortion, her legal support of non-discrimination for LGBT people and, most importantly, her opposition to the mass incarceration in the USA (especially to the incarceration of non-violent drug offenders - a great step, since many of them commited nothing but victimless "crimes" which did not harm anyone).

Her wish for a better education is also pleasant (as long as such education is not compulsory, of course; as a proponent of free-schooling/homescholling/unschooling, I have to emphasise it).

What I do not like is her program is her support for "the man-made global warming because of fossil fuels" hypothesis... She seeks for "green technology" instead. Well, while I generally do not support such position, I think that Marianne's pro-paranormal position give us a chance to persuade her to look seriously at cold fusion/LENR technology. No joke, she wants some alternative to fossil fuels, and she is open to "fringe" topics. If she gets into the Congress, why shouldn't we try to seek her help in mainstreaming LENR?

BTW, Marianne already has a support from the critics of coercive biological psychiatry, who hope to see her as their ally in reforming of mental health system.

In general, she is another example of "libertarian left", the political orientation which seems to be characteristic for the paranormal/spirituality proponents (myself included).
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