Mike Hockney's God Series . . .

Has anyone in this forum read or come across these books?


I've been reading "The Last Man Who Knew Everything" and there are some interesting points about "Monads" populating the quantum space. He seems to write about illuminati's universal theories of everything from perspectives in the times of Pythagoras. I'm wondering if the other books in the God series are worth digging into. He is a little verbose. . . . .
I went to the link and discovered The God Series and the top one on the list entitled The God Game. Interestingly, in a meditation last night and into this morning, I found myself contemplating the location of God where I perceived an infinitely small "dot" in the center of everywhere whereby access to this "point" with no precise location or dimension is achieved through full access to one's soul.

So in reading the detail of this book in Amazon's webpage for this book, I experienced a synchronicity which caused me to break my rule of the day... the rule I established this morning when i vowed that today, I would not buy a book! Oh well, at least I waited until after 12 noon so I can feel more than halfway successful at upholding said vow.

I will get back to you in a few weeks (Delivery promised February 24th... much later than usual but likely due to the ice storms in Texas where I reside).

Here's the book's "blurb." -

This is the introductory text of a series of thirty-two books called “the God Series” in which the most ancient secret society in the world – the Pythagorean Illuminati – reveal, for the first time in the public domain, the “answer to everything”.Read the God Series and you will become a convert to the world’s only rational religion – Illuminism, the Pythagorean religion of mathematics that infallibly explains all things and guarantees everyone a soul that is not only eternal but also has the capacity to make each of us a true God.Logician Kurt Gödel’s religion of fourteen rational, logical points is entirely compatible with ontological mathematical Illuminism. Gödel said that the world is rational and materialism is false.

He wrote, “I don’t believe in empirical science. I only believe in a priori truth.”Zero is the number of the soul, and the soul has infinite capacity (only zero can contain infinity). Being dimensionless – a mathematical point, an immaterial singularity – the soul is outside the dimensional, material domain of space and time, hence the soul is indestructible, eternal and cannot be detected by any scientific experiment. It is unextended, as required by Descartes’ famous definition of the mind (res cogitans: thinking substance). A soul is an autonomous frequency domain, and it generates space and time via ontological Fourier mathematics, the definitive solution to Cartesian dualism (i.e. unextended mind produces extended matter via basic mathematical operations relating the unextended frequency domain to the extended spacetime domain).Isn’t it time to join the rational and logical? Isn’t it time to be Illuminated?