NDE where they were told how consciousness interacts with the brain

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    Mar 16, 2017
    Does you know any such case? Vast majority of NDEs I read they aren't told any objective information, they all given life lessons/taught the importance of kindness etc. I only read one NDE on nderf where he was shown a "honey comb" with points oscillating between 3 colors (which he presumed was the neurons in the brain) and was told personality/memory in his life was all an illusion, I can't remember the link. This is in line with current evidence from neuroscience (feelings/personality are proven to be brain based). When I think about my own consciousness I realized even most of my thoughts are produced by the brain, because I have no control of what thoughts are experienced and sometimes things completely unrelated to what I'm thinking come into consciousness. But I always feel like I'm an observer to everything my brain does, and even though my personality/thoughts/emotions/everything that makes me an individual has changed throughout time and brain development, this "observer" (i.e. me) hasn't changed.

    If you know any case please post thanks!!!
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    Suppose you were on the point of death, experiencing something like the usual NDE, do you think you would be receptive to a detailed scientific explanation (which might include some new physical concepts) in the time available (even allowing for accelerated consciousness)?

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    I don't know of a case where that information specifically was given, but I have heard of cases where the experient remembers "understanding everything", which presumably would include how consciousness interacts with the brain (apparently, the understanding didn't persist after the experience, from which you can draw your own conclusions).
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    The idea of "understanding everything" does indeed occur with some regularity. However it is also sometimes described in terms of receiving the answers to every question, hence the specifics could depend on what questions were deemed most important by a particular individual.
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