NDEs - what about the body?

Reading about NDEs for the last few years I came across occassional accounts where the experiencer was calmly observing their body but their body was still animated in some way, such as responding to pain.

This leads to the question 'How does the body behave when the 'higher self' / consciousness is elsewhere?' Are reports consistent?
Does this illuminate the issue of consciousness?

I would be interested to know if this has been researched before.

Here are a few reports which I located after a brief search:

I realized that my consciousness was in two places simultaneously. One part, very scared and animal-like, was firmly inside of my broken body ... The other part, a very calm, dispassionate observer, hovered out in front of the truck

I watched in amazement as my body reacted by unfolding my arms from the crossed position on my chest, which caused the two medical technicians to collide above my body.
Remember that some NDE's happen without the heart stopping. For example, I seem to remember that people can enter an NDE as a result of overwhelming fear.

There has been research into OBEs. It seems like there is a continuum of experience between experiencing two places at once, and being completely outside of the body with little or no feeling of connection to it. For instance, in this work with Alex Tanous, he was out of his body enough to identify targets but he could still interact with researchers.