Persons with almost predestined skills

Certain skills that some people are born with does always amaze people, whether it be music, sports, or scientific skills etc.Some like to think that some skills are via DNA-heritage and that the world didn't have "wizards" like Mozart before the piano was invented, and we didn't have great mathematicians before we even established mathematics. But many might argue that the world was full of undiscovered talents of areas that wasn't even thought of when they were alive, and they just didn't found their place in life because they were ahead of, or in the "wrong", time. Like an amazing pilot born 600 B.C, with a skill he couldn't put to use, and didn't even know he had.

But besides the "practical skills", like footballers, pilots, painters, musicians, I think about men like Nikola Tesla who actually seemed to elaborately and intricately know electricity like no other person ever before. He "saw" electricity, in a way like almost no one before or since. Or those others who were ahead of their time, like Leonardo Da Vinci, who would have excelled in almost anything these days with the proper means.

So, is it pure chance that these people are born in an era where their skills can blossom, so to speak, or is it just that there has lived thousands of violinists, mathematicians, Formula-1 drivers, pilots, sculptures, architects, football players (soccer), chemists, etc, before they even know they had that skill - and had the means to use their skill?

What makes me think of this are the savants that can sit down by a piano and start playing these incredible pieces like they never done anything else in their life. Or those who start paint like they were full blown artists. Do we have loads of people living now that are masters of skill-sets for an area of expertise not yet invented, or discovered? Or does it come from somewhere else - pouring forth in just the right time? Or are they just born in the "wrong" time, like Leo?
If Tesla didn't live before, somewhere, say Atlantis , & reincarnated with the desire to help the race develop technologically .
- then it is probably people accessing the 'higher self'.

better described in the easy to read free pdf by Yogi Ramacharaka/WW Atkinson.

from P48 :

The Spiritual Mind is also the source of the "inspiration" which certain poets, painters, sculptors, writers, preachers, orators, and others have received in all times and which they receive today.
This is the source from which the seer obtains his vision, the prophet his foresight. Many have concentrated themselves upon high ideals in their work, and have received rare knowledge from this source,and have attributed it to beings of another world - from angels, spirits, from God Himself; but all came from within - it was the voice of their Higher Self speaking to them.
We do not mean to say that no communications come to man from other intelligences - far from this, we know that higher intelligences do often communicate with man through the channel of his Spiritual Mind - but much that man has attributed to outside intelligences has really come from himself.
And man, by the development of his Spiritual Consciousness, may bring himself into a high relationship and contact with this higher part of his nature, and may thus become possessed of a knowledge of which the Intellect has not dared dream.
That's an excellent quote, Mazda, one which I find myself in much agreement.

As to whether someone like Tesla may have lived in Atlantis or some advanced civilisation, perhaps so. I tend to think that given access through one's own mind to some greater source of knowledge, it would hardly matter whether Tesla had previously lived in a cave and dressed in animal skins. It isn't the transfer of knowledge from one lifetime to another which matters. It is the ability to remain in contact with something deeper, whether we call it one's higher self, or name it something else may not matter much.