phantom hands during sleep paralysis

I just woke up and experienced this again. I'm in a half wake state and can see but can't move my body, I feel the sensation of moving my arms and clapping my hands even though my real arms aren't moving. I can feel things just like normal, can feel each 5 fingers perfectly, hit my face and felt it, clap my hands and hear a sound, i even made the fart sound with two hands and heard it too.

Problem is of course all these things I already know. I need some one to place marbles out of my sight and let me "feel" how many marbles there are, in order to test if i really have phantom hands. But this requires too much effort because I can't produce this sleep paralysis on demand, and someone standing by my side might wake me.

Has anyone else experienced this? This is like my 5+ times experiencing this. Do you think it's just a hallucination? The touch sensation felt EXACTLY like real life, and hearing was pretty real too.