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That's one policy that I hope his administration is pursuing.
He is, and another (related) policy is to clamp down on the MS13 gang that traffics children for sex and other unpleasant things. One of the problems with just letting men walk through the border with one or more children, is that some of them are undoubtedly being trafficked for sex. Indeed, this is a problem with open borders full stop.

It would be disgusting if it were true, but is it? A variety of references I've looked at declare it to be a forgery. Have you looked into this question yourself?
Please do provide those references. What one sees on can be as forged as any other document one sees anywhere, anytime. What tells you it's real or not? An official seal?

What I notice is patterns, like, the Jesuits currently run the Vatican, which is essentially an incredibly rich corporation outside the laws of anyone, anywhere. I see it as a trifecta of power, as others have pointed out: The City of Rome, The City of London and DC: The spiritual arm, the financial arm and the military arm.

I did love the meme she showed there: "Vow of poverty? You're doing it wrong." HA! Indeed.
I wasn't quite sure if all the arrests were over a short period, but even so, it staggered me. I understand CNN, which is based in Atlanta, was particularly reluctant to report it!

My understanding is that the much maligned Trump administration is prioritising police action against organised paedophilia. Anyone want to stand up and say he is wrong to do so?

Chopping off the hand to save the arm. Not to repeat myself too often. :)
It's a matter of strategy. What are folks most up in arms about, the general population, the '#metoo' meets Corey Feldman, Michael Jackson, various 'boys town' scandals and hooking-type hype of several decades, I wish I had a folder organized where I could just cut and paste, b/c there are so many I forget the names in the moment, but if you must, I will look them up.

So, when you have a really big agenda to distract folks from, when they are getting privy to "the strong Arm' really running the system, what do you do? What does strategic intelligence tell you to do? Keep letting those bulldogs gnaw on you, until they perceive the arm behind the hand? And then potentially the body and the head? Hell no! You cut off the hand. Whether or not that's a permanent solution matters not in the moment. Get that gangrene appendage off the body politic, before it conquers the rest of the body.
Please do provide those references.
Well, they're basically what comes up in the first page or two of googling "Monita Secreta". Here are a couple that I read and bookmarked:
And I know - Wikipedia is overrun by skeptics and not reliable on fringe topics, but I'm not presenting these articles as proof, just evidence that at the very least the authenticity of this book has been seriously called into question from when it first came to light centuries ago.

I did love the meme she showed there: "Vow of poverty? You're doing it wrong." HA! Indeed.
Yep, that was a good image. It struck me too.
Who do you trust, and why?

So I did see the images from the apparent book on Obviously I am not privy to any info that you are not as well. What I would maintain is, the degree to which they went to incredible effort to create such apparently 'bogus text' has not changed in recent times. This is a repeated theme throughout history. If they went to such efforts then and/or now to throw the Jesuits, or the Jews, or the Nazis, or the Catholics or the Left or the Right, or any under group under the bus, NOTHING has changed.

Therefore, I trust what I see first-hand, what I experience, and feel, more than I trust any text OR any AUTHORITY.
This is a horrifying account about nuns abusing and killing children in Burlington Vermont during the 40's-70's -- and the lawsuits against the Church. It is a long and very disturbing read -- but crucial information for those on this site who seem to be in denial about what depraved, sadistic people in power can (and do) do to children -- and how easy it is to deny their claims.
I continue to look into the topic of Pizzagate, human trafficking, sanctioned childhood rape/trauma and wanted to share this new interview about the systemic abuse of aboriginal populations in Canada. What's most remarkable is how recently this was officially condoned (into the mid 90s) and that the status of these individuals is as wards of the state, which means they continue to have no rights as citizens if they live on reservations, so the trafficking continues to this day. Absolutely appalling and tragic.

‘Pedophile Hunter’ Groups Rising In Europe
Tuesday, February 4, 2020​
Vigilante groups in some European countries are actively working to expose sex offenders who attempt to lure children online. Between the U.K., Germany, Scandinavia and the Netherlands, more than 3 million vigilantes are serving justice to predators by making ‘citizens arrests.’​
Many of the groups catch the predators by using a decoy to attract them online, find them in person and detain them before turning them over to authorities. The groups believe their way of due process is more efficient than waiting for the police who may not help in time.​