Plasco Building Collapse: Yet Another Covert Controlled Demolition?

Recently, a disaster happened in Iran: a fire in a high-rise Plasco Building... which, suddenly and unexpectedly, lead to its fast, complete, vertical collapse.

A collapse, which, according to the Architects and Engineers for 9-11 Truth, suspiciously resembles the very likely - if not virtually proven (even not yet accepted by many) - controlled demolition of three WTC buildings during the universally known attacks.

Here is their assessment of the Plasco Building collapse, including the freely downloadable report. Here is the playlist of the videos made by them on this topic. And here is a blogpost from "Truth and Shadows", a one of the leading 9-11 blogs, concerning this event.

What do you think? Do we have another case of a covert controlled demolition disguised as a result of fire? Or maybe we have not, and now it is different from the 9-11 attacks? Or do you still reject even the controlled demolition theory of 9-11 falls of the buildings?