Processing a whole thread

First, the bad news: I could find no way to do it using the search facility.

Second, the good news: I did find a way to do it using a Firefox addon called "Pagezipper" (I believe it's also available for Chrome). It's absolutely brilliant and did the job in seconds after I downloaded it. Just click the "more" link for the addon after you have downloaded it, and the first few paras explain how to use it. I found it very intuitive: Just go to the first page of the thread and click the Pagezipper icon, which you should have placed on a toolbar directly after download. Then click through the page numbers of the thread (displayed in a pop-up window until you get to the end) in quick succession.

Once the pages are concatenated, you can view or save the result (it's fully searchable), or print it if preferred. Easy peasy!:)

PS: it says it will work for any article or thread (on any site) which is split up into a number of sequential, linked pages. Download from here:
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