Psi and Geography, Astronomy, other External Factors?

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Curious if anyone - heh looking you K9! - has information on Psi functioning and certain times of the month, certain physical locations, etc.

I think Krippner has done some work on this, if memory serves, will check back and post if I find something.

Just curious about things like the position of stars & planets, whether being in a desert or forest matters, etc.


Maybe this paper helps, Sci?

Radin, D. I. & Rebman, J. M. (1998). Seeking psi in the casino. Journal of the Society for Psychical Research, 62 (850), 193-219.

Correlations and predictive modeling tests were used to explore the possibility that some fraction of the daily fluctuations in casino gambling payout percentages might be due to periodic variations in average psi abilities in the general population. The study was based upon examination of four years of daily gaming data from a Las Vegas casino. Payout percentages were predicted to be positively correlated with lunar cycle and with gravitational tidal forces, and negatively correlated with the planetary geomagnetic field flux. Nearly significant correlations were observed for lunar c ycle and geomagnetic field, and significant correlations were observed for tidal forces. These results are consistent with previous research indicating that some environmental factors may be related to predictable variations in psi performance. Artificial neural network and abductive network techniques were used to successfully predict casino payout percentages based on seven daily environmental variables.
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I have wondered about this before, but have noticed an absence of this discussion other than the recommendation of using certain times of sidereal time for remote viewing and not using others.

The HeartMath Institute and Global Coherence Initiative are using sensors around the globe to measure the earth magnetic field to establish a correlation to human health and behavior.

The GCMS sensors continuously monitor the resonant frequencies in Earth’s magnetic field. They track changes in geomagnetic activity caused by solar storms, changes in solar wind speed, disruption of the Schumann resonances (SR) and, potentially, the signatures of major global events that have a strong emotional component.

It is well established that the resonant frequencies in the earth’s various magnetic fields directly overlap with those of the human brain, cardiovascular and autonomic nervous systems. Therefore, it should not be surprising that numerous physiological rhythms in humans and global collective behaviors are not only synchronized with solar and geomagnetic activity, but that disruptions in these fields can create adverse effects on human health and behavior. When the earth’s magnetic field environment is disturbed it can cause sleep disturbance, mental confusion, unusual lack of energy or a feeling of being on edge or overwhelmed for no apparent reason.

We use the Global Coherence Monitoring System to conduct research on the mechanisms of how the earth’s various fields affect human physiological, mental and emotional processes, health and collective behavior. In addition, we hope to investigate whether changes in the earth’s magnetic fields occur before natural catastrophes like earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and human events such as social unrest and terrorist attacks.

This does not address psi directly, but as suggested with the sidereal time concept, my own observation is that off planetary noise affects the body and mind and hence the accuracy of psi.