reincarnation research

For the past 10 years, I have been intensively researching a proposed past life of my own in the 19th century, and have written two lengthy e-books presenting my findings. I had previously studied the existing research in the course of producing a documentary on reincarnation. I am not affiliated with any university, although that documentary is distributed to academia through Films Media Group.

In the course of my investigations I learned that, unknown to literary historians, my past-life personality, Mathew Franklin Whittier, had to his credit an extensive, anonymous body of published works. Much of it was claimed for, or by, other authors, including four famous ones. These findings are so extreme, that I am not believed, even though I have good evidence to support them. I literally cannot get anyone to take me seriously long enough to consider the evidence with an open mind. In order to make it easier, I am focusing on the famous literary claim for which I have the best evidence--that MFW was the real author of "The Raven," which had been stolen from him by Edgar Allan Poe. I created two videos--each half an hour long--encapsulating my best evidence. There are 15 pieces of evidence, total.

Of course, I get a very cold reception from Poe enthusiasts (who are loyal to their hero), and Poe scholars, who have believed the explanatory scenario Poe created as part of his scam, not suspecting him of lying so radically. I am wondering whether my work might get a better reception, here. I attempted to write to Mr. Tsakiris at the e-mail provided on the Skeptico site, and both that e-mail, and the "news" e-mail, bounced. So I am trying this route.

I don't know whether it's permitted, but here are the URL's for the two videos I created presenting my evidence regarding Mathew Franklin Whittier and "The Raven":

This is real scholastic research--the paranormal part of it was knowing what to look for. The whole point, and relevance, is that *if* this goes mainstream, it will drag the topic of reincarnation (and good evidence for same) along with it into the public arena, in such a way that the two topics cannot be separated, and the reincarnation evidence cannot be easily swept under the rug. But I need help doing this.

Stephen Sakellarios, M.S.