Robbie Graham Busts the UFO Paradigm |358|

That appears to be what he did though?

Can you demonstrate one of these frequent changing of mind?

The PDF linked is 15 pages and lacks a table of contents also
I'm sorry you are right. I meant to type that I read the first parts of the pdf.

I think I can say that Vallee proposes that UFOs are not material objects. In the other thread here in the interview with Vallee he expreses the opinion that UFOs are both material and metaphysical.
You are right; and that is exactly what jacques vallee does. His work is a very positive and enlightening contribution to the field
I have no doubt his work is a good contribution to "the field". But a double minded man is unstable in all his ways. ;) It isn't exactly what Vallee does though. That was why I wrote about it in the first place.
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What researchers like Valee are showing is that UFO phenomena are not amenable to one single explanation
In other words some people may be experiencing unidentified physical events or objects
and some may be experiencing unidentified metaphysical events or objects
This is also the view taken by Robbie and his co-authors

In fact in the UFO field it is those who are of a single and inflexible mind who are most unreliable
For many open-minded people the jury is still out on what the reported phenomena represent
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It's difficult to get away from the space craft aspect of some UFO sightings. In the Phoenix, Arizona case of 1997, hundreds of people including the governor (who first denied then admitted he'd seen the UFO) observed a boomerang shaped, illuminated aerial object many hundreds of yards in size at low altitude. People saw this independently from different locations and perspectives, and in extended detail before it simply disappeared. The intelligence behind the object may have played upon an archetypal expectation of spacecraft to manifest the vision, and the disappearance of something so instantaneously resembles a psychic episode, but boomerang shaped craft are not most peoples' default space ship, and parsimony suggests that at some level it was what it appeared to be.
Similarly in the Rendlesham case, a location I visited to get a feel for the place and satisfy myself regarding the more blatant debunks such as the lighthouse theory, a number of serving military including a senior officer observed a wedge shaped craft that emitted what appeared to be molten metal and sent a Geiger counter into overdrive, as well as leaving an imprint and broken branches. At some level the thing impacted on the physical environment.

That said, there are aspects of the UFO phenomena that seem more like ghosts and apparitions, and aerial objects that appear to be conscious rather than guided. So Vallee's reticence in attribution is reasonable given how few markers we have.