Rules for the Explorers & Implementers section


This section is geared to personal doing - experiences with delving into, playing with - exploring and implementing - one's own "expanded abilities" and such. Personal anecdotes are welcomed.

  • It is not for scientific approaches, testing, proving, analyzing, measuring, etc. Those approaches and topics are for the Consciousness and Science section
  • It is not for discussing teachers, organized groups, the research of others, etc. Such topics are for the Consciousness and Spirituality section.
  • Sharing helpful tips from one's own experiences is encouraged. Criticizing, challenging, critiquing are verboten.
  • Respectful open-minded questions about others experiences are encouraged.
  • Genuine requests for suggestions about an area one is interested in personally exploring are encouraged.
  • A lighthearted, playful attitude is encouraged. Both in your sharing and in your actual explorations.
It should go without saying that all threads in this section are [Mod+] whether or not they are marked as such.

Given that most of the overall forum is geared towards a more thinking, analytical approach. I hope that people will, in good conscience, respect the rules for this section. For it to have a chance to realize what I see as the inherent value that's necessary. Even I - who floated the idea for this section - find that many, maybe even most, of the threads I post on the forum would be inappropriate in this section.