Sarah Westall, Trafficking/Blackmail Cycle of Evil |410|

A lot of people will be somewhat relieved by news of his death. Will anything come of any investigation? Epstein’s right hand woman will no doubt know a lot, she won’t sleep well from now on. They’re supposedly claiming that cameras ‘malfunctioned’.

Jake Morphonios had a really detailed investigative series which gave rather too good a picture of Epstein if you’re interested. As might be expected, it’s an uncomfortable listen at times.
Here is the first one:
Thanks for that very disturbing video. It really looks as though the authorities are finally working to expose the truth. I guess Epstein died in a pretty brutal way (far more painful than being executed), so I don't think he totally escaped justice.

I think we are beginning to see the full horror of what Donald Trump called the swamp. I know he went to this island once and I imagine it was only then that he realised the true nature of his friend Epstein. I fervently hope that no evidence surfaces that implicates The President in this activity. I rather doubt that he would have pursued his controversial path the the White House if he were implicated in any of this.

You know, years ago we talked about Pizzgate on the forum, and a lot of people were very scornful of that - I hope people are beginning to see that it wasn't really so wacky to explore that.

What is becoming increasingly likely -- At least two presidents were closely associated with Epstein. Both swear they haven't heard from him in years. Trump says he had a falling out and even kicked Epstein out of Mar Lago. Here's the point that isn't brought up by Trump supporters. Epstein rapes a 14-year-old at Trump's hotel and Trump does NOT call the cops. Think about that again. That is what a close associate would do (and/or someone compromised).
Well I think if you look at the history of all this, the whole prosecution mechanism was corrupted at the top to protect people like Epstein. Reporting something like this might have lead nowhere, and maybe lead to Trump's death in some way. Maybe instead, he decided to try to be president and bring the whole rotten system down. I think this is the real reason so many high-powered people are so hysterical about Trump!