***Skeptiko NDE Documentaries Thread*** - and other related

I really found the talk she goes on about from roughly 25 minutes in towards the end of this MY NDE PART 2 * THE GUARDIAN ANGEL * video to be deeply fascinating for some reason. Evidently, supermodels like Sean O'Pry or Lucky Blue Smith are total jokes compared to the handsomeness and cuteness of us all in heaven. Not that that's any news, but it's nice to see an actual NDEr articulate it.

Sounds a little like Eben Alexander's NDE where he began as a primordial life form, much like an earthworm. I had a dream similar to that once and so it always catches my attention when I hear of it from others.
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I'm not usually too interested in NDEs which talk a lot about religion, and this does, much of the time. It's long, and not in English - there are subtitles. However, it's a pretty good story, reminds me of Dickens at times. Make sure to watch right to the end.
Pin Van Lommel uses the Radio analogy for consciousness here, though I seem to remember Alex and others on the site have expressed dissatisfaction with the analogy. Why is the Radio Analogy unliked?
To underestimate the ability of the physical brain to generate conscious experience, but allow that physical brain to interact with a non physical realm appears to expose some motivated reasoning (ie starting with a conclusion and working back, rather than the other way around)