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Great vid. I've never heard of this EMDR--process for PTSD before, and the ADC-aspect to it was really interesting. It got me thinking of how they "unlock" sad and hurtful experiences - that keep one "trapped" in a certain state of mind that affects every aspects of ones existence - it reminds me of that of what many mediums say they deal with when they try to "release" spirits/ghosts that are "trapped" in a perpetual state of despair and reliving of either a sudden violent, and "unjust", death, or that they cant understand where they are and the fear keep them trapped - or locked in any other kind of trapping set of mindset they cant get out of. As many mediums say, who work with these kind of release-sessions, they say it is sometimes a long process of persuasion and psychology to get the spirits to see beyond their "entrapment", and they can see an "exit" out of their state, to move on.

Another thing I was reminded of was this technique I've read somewhere, where this psychologist, who worked with schizophrenics who heard voices who either was abusive to them, or tried to get them to, either hurt themselves, or hurt other people, always seem to escalate when the patient was ignoring them. And that might sound like a proper way to deal with "it" - ignore them and not give in to "them". But anyway, as I remembered it, he tried with having the patients start to have a sort of calm and normal discussion with these "voices" and gradually these "voices" was gradually become less violent and wreak havoc on their mind.

I might have recollected this technique wrong on some aspects. Maybe someone here has heard about this, and have a link to some source material of it. But it was something to this effect, as I remembered it. But it was this quite simple, yet effective way, without medication and years of therapy. to get some result - just like this EMDR-therpahy.
Well, anyway, interesting video, thx.

Parnia interviewed by a german journalist at Stony Brook. It gets interesting at 7.50
Sorry - Tim! A DUTCH journalist, not German.
This is within the framework of the Sunday night TV programme "Brandpunt" (meaning: focus) in the netherlands.

BTW - there is huge difference between Dutch documentaries and German documentaries.
The Dutch always maintain the - for them - foreign language, and compensate for that by placing subtitles - as you see here. The Germans however always dub in a german voice over the foreign language voice - hence in a German documentary one would hear Sam Parnia speak German...
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Great idea, great list, thanks for creating this thread Pollux! I was just clearing down my list of older "bookmarks" I haven't visited for a long while, and I found a few that reminded me of this thread, so I thought I would add them here before deleting. This thread is the sort of thing I would have loved to come across when I used to binge-feast on NDE documentaries years ago :) I've quickly reviewed the previous links, so hope I haven't double-posted anything, I don't thinks so....

Near-Death Experience Information and Handouts

Video Clips of NDE Experiences (actually - you can find all of these with a very basic youtube search, but still.....)

NHNE Near-Death Experience

Towards the Light Podcasr (actually a podcast, but with many different interviewees)

Just one doc, but don't think it's been linked in thread so far, or didn't notice it at least - sorry for not being able to "embed" like every other poster seems to know how to do, I'm a complete numpty at this online malarkey :)

Cheers all.

EDIT - Ooohhhh, I see it embeds youtube automatically after posting!! Easy enough even for me haha!!