Synchronicity. If you listen to any of my talks or read any of my book. I look at life much different then most for a few reasons. All the words like luck, synchronicity, karma, Love, soul mates, oneness all are just man made words. Based on the experience of one author into his idea for a word. The difference is the ability to listen to soul v/s the mind. Every actions has it's own reflection action. It can be good or bad. While we have many people saying there is no bad. Nothing is bad if you except earth as heaven. Living in a dream is what many people do. They hide from the truth. People that think they find their soul mate, then six years later get divorce. There is no such thing as a soul mate. No two souls ever unfold at the same level. Being on planet earth people talk about the good that is happening while at the same time the earth has never been in such a sad shape it is now. A few facts people cannot deal with - Satan- not Lucifer has gotten It's claws into this world at every level and ever age. People that don't believe that will probably believe in angels. They will except a false idea of God. So where are they moving in life? To a programmed idea of what life is suppose to be. Having children, a home, a car and a few computers. Name one thing that relates to spiritual. I don't think many people can. Please prove me wrong. First you would have to understand the real God. Not the story book God. Then you would have to accept IT's truth. Then even harder then that live it. Moses could not do that. 99.8 percent of religions as well as new age paths have any clue to the truth. If you have truth it would reflect in your own actions. Being a goody shoe kind of person also has no clue.
The last bit of truth Soul, has it's own journey here and where it is going to go. It has nothing to do with anything or anyone else. Those things make sure one never unfolds. There was only one soul that truly taught the truth. Only one all through history meaning 30,000 years. That is from after Atlantis which was the ONLY time the earth people were living in harmony to now.