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Aunt Becky from Full House was arrested? I did not know this. :eek:

The article was great until this paragraph:
They use these six entangled photons to create two alternate realities—one representing Wigner and one representing Wigner’s friend. Wigner’s friend measures the polarization of a photon and stores the result. Wigner then performs an interference measurement to determine if the measurement and the photon are in a superposition.
The experiment produces an unambiguous result. It turns out that both realities can coexist even though they produce irreconcilable outcomes, just as Wigner predicted.
I think this is what the author said (but I cannot tell from the colloquial language used).
1. Wigner's friend measures polarization and forces a disambiguated state (Not superposed, Known polarity).​
2. Wigner then tests for superposition (ambiguity) and finds an unambiguous result (Not superposed, but also Not Known polarity).​

The problem is that this is not a conflict of realities, and complies with Einstein's Spooky Action. So in the rush to try and put this into common everyday English, I think the article author missed describing what actually had been observed. A Bridgman Reduction. In order to 'keep it simple every day English', an accurate description did not emerge from the article.