The Case Against Reality | Prof. Donald Hoffman on Conscious Agent Theory

So, if we cannot identify THE "fundamental component" but maybe can identify the fundamental nature, the fundamental characteristic of that fundamental component - the dependency upon the relationship of the conscious agent (which is ever changing as to what "it" consciously perceives) and the form of appearance of the object of the conscious agent's attention, and ultimately accept that everlasting change is something that will never change, we might stop worrying so much as to the "how" and instead start to focus on correlating our perceptions with that which manifests so that we might learn to manage our perceptions with regards to achieving the most desired results.

Imagine a shift in understanding and accepting one's own personal responsibility at all levels of one's being, especially the quantum level, and what might be the effect of that on the world we experience.
I think the really vital thing to learn from Donald Hoffman is that has a proof that reality is ultimately immaterial. The proof goes as follows:

DH has effectively proved the following:

Either we evolved by natural selection (or other mechanisms that depend on natural selection), in which case the world is ultimately composed of conscious agents.

Or we didn't evolve by natural selection, so the only alternative that anyone can come up with, is intelligent design! That means there is some sort of conscious agents behind the universe.

I'll bet some people would like to quibble wit that proof, but I challenge someone to supply some sort of alternative - Malf, Silence, anyone?