The death of Robin Williams

Did any psychic predict the death of this comedic genius and fine actor known to many worldwide in a relevant time frame and manner of death? Predicting he would die without details isn't reason to suspect a prediction is psychically based. Just so you know.
Not that I've heard. I think it would be interesting to learn that someone close to Robin experienced a crisis apparition, as my wife did when Whitney Houston died.
I don't think one sees many personal predictions of death like that really. I can't think of any in recent times. I think that his struggles with depression and alcohol etc were quite well known too so in some ways it wouldn't have been ruled out which would have rendered a prediction somewhat moot, poor soul.

A great shame, he made me laugh a lot. It's sad to think he was in so much pain he did this.

Bart V

straw materialist
Death and Health Watch

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It does not mean the above mentioned will pass but they might have to watch their health and also watch for danger in their life.
The year is eight months old and only one of these has died? What's up grim reaper?

Paul C. Anagnostopoulos

Nap, interrupted.
Even if they did, I doubt that they would come forward. Let's call it the "Sylvia Browne Effect." Anyone making any psychic predictions can reliably predict (without being psychic) that their character will be viciously attacked.
Ah then, that explains all the ridiculous public predictions that psychics make, along with all the help they try to give people with missing children and so forth.

~~ Paul
I've heard that many times. No one has ever proved it because no one has ever bothered to find out how many she got right. As far as I've been able to discern, it's just another common skeptical character smear and nothing more.
What do you mean "common skeptical smear" it's plain for all to see that she made a ton of money off people, when she was clearly clueless. This isn't to say psi isn't real, but she was poison, and frankly, deserved all her criticism.
I'm sure it "looks" thorough, but so what? So does a creationist paper criticizing evolution. CSI is so untrustworthy as a source that there is no point at all in citing them.
I can't believe you are actually defending brown. She charged hundreds of dollars and was flat out wrong a lot of the time. That to me is the definition of fraud. It's like paying 100 dollars to see Beethoven's symphony and instead we have a 12 year old girl's grade 3 violin recital.