The Diet Wars: Low Carb or Low Fat

Good one David. "Sugar"

Sugar is Sucrose. Sucrose is a glycosidic linkage between Fructose and Glucose. Juice and soft drinks are 50/50 glucose and fructose.


Glucose is NOT toxic - it is an essential nutrient. Its intake is vital to your health and weight. The body has evolved long ago to recognize, manage and use glucose.

One of the entire purposes of the pancreas and liver is to regulate glucose in the blood so that the brain has a regular/steady supply of it. If the brain is starved of glucose (and short chain triglycerides) - YOU WILL GET FAT OVER THE LONG TERM​
If your pancreas is damaged, your liver will not be able to convert/release fructose into glucose for the brain to use, and - YOU WILL GET FAT - AND YOUR LIVER WILL GET FAT​
What I do - because my pancreas has been damaged by autoimmune and/or pesticide impacts, I mix the following drink while I fast.

Unsweetened Coconut Milk (0 grams of sugar)​
1 heaping teaspoon of dextrose (glucose) powder.​
2 level teaspoons of MCT oil​
1/2 teaspoon of instant coffee​
1/2 teaspoon of cocao powder​

Once I drink this, the low blood sugar anxiety disappears (my brain says 'Thank you - Thank you - Thank you!!' And I can fast and not suffer mitochondrial suppression - from lack of glucose. Then finally, in order to avoid further damage to my metabolic endocrine system, I consume little to no

Alcohol (Ethanol)​
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