The real meaning of Christ, not the chuch :)

Hello all, I often see- and rightly so -the slams on the bureaucracy of Christianity, but it seems the real teachings of Christ and conscious contact with God - lets say that sits outside of time and space- and the force of the big bang is the same thought and logic of lets say ancient Yogis and mediation , or of the Greeks with all of their mystery schools; its all the same thing. After all, Jesus spent most of his time in Egypt , the center of all the world at the time, and I'm sure he was introduced to mediation and magic at the time, same with like Moses. Two books on this you should check out: The Kabbala of Jesus Christ part One and Two, gives the esoteric occult meaning of Jesus's parables. IMO. I would also look at the time and writing of the gospel Thomas who started the Church in India, and mixes both western and eastern theologies . It is said that Christ had time in India .

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