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New Thinking Allowed: Precognition with Edwin C. May

Description: Here he shares his hypothesis that precognition is the basic mechanism that can explain every other form of parapsychological information transfer. Macro-psychokinesis, he suggests, may be the only suspected paranormal phenomenon that is not always amenable to explanation as a form of precognition. He offers several arguments for resolving the paradoxes posed by precognition – such as the apparent incompatibility of precognition and free will. He also maintains that precognition need not entail backward causality – as it is an informational process rather than a mechanical causal chain.

New Thinking Allowed: How Precognition Works with Edwin C. May

Mishlove's ongoing precognition interview with Ed May is getting more interesting:

Description: Here he shares the progress he has made in developing a model of precognition based on our understanding of physics, neurophysiology, and psychology. He postulates a channel of information from either actual or possible futures to the present. This is a physics problem that could be addressed in the context of retro-causality. He also postulates that individuals who have a high degree of synesthesia are best able to integrate psi information into their normal processing of perceptual information, due to neural hyperconnectivity.