The SJW and equality movement

Wow. Sadly, the Ivy League Schools started all this woke nonsense, and they have the money to keep going without government funding.
It's true the Ivy League schools could survive without government grants and tax breaks but I'm not sure they would try to because they would have to reduce their spending dramatically or they would eventually spend away all of their endowments. Currently the value of government grants and tax breaks is more than their endowments' investments earn. The Ivy League schools get a lot of prestige from their government funded research, ego and greed might outweigh ideology in their calculations. If you consider the hypocrisy (intolerance and racism) of the SJW movement, it is clear that their stated ideology is not what is really motivating them.

Ivy league schools are getting approximately 16% annual return from their endowments and they can't spend all of that because they have to reinvest some to keep pace with inflation. But the value of what they get from the federal government in grants and tax breaks each year is approximately 24% of the value of their endowments.

Between 1985 and 2008, Harvard University's endowment generated 15.23% returns, while Yale pulled in 16.62%.​
Endowments strive to meet two chief objectives. First and foremost, they attempt to generate high enough real returns to cover their yearly withdrawals, without dipping into their principals. Secondly, colleges aim to preserve the real value of their principals, which actually entails augmenting principal amounts, in an effort to combat inflation. In fact, endowments heavily rely on their own inflation measurement metric known as the Higher Education Price Index (HEPI), which factors the prices of goods and services specific to higher education expenses. It is generally believed that the HEPI exceeds the consumer price index for all urban consumers, by 1%.​

The Ivy League’s total endowment is around $120 billion,​
Because Ivy League schools are nonprofit institutions, they don’t pay taxes on any investment gains their endowments might make — which saves them a lot of money. Between the 2011 and 2015 fiscal years, the Ivies received a $9.6 billion tax break on the $27.3 billion growth of their collective endowments.​
Between 2010 and 2015, the eight schools received $23.89 billion in federal grants​

Endowment annual return on investment = 16% (Harvard, Yale, 1985 - 2008, average over 23years).

Federal Tax Break = $9.6 billion (2011-2015, 5 years)
Federal Grants = $23.89 billion (2010-2015 6 years * 5/6 = 19.9 billion)

Total endownment $120 billion (2017)

(9.6+(19.9))/120 = 24%

The ivy league is getting about 16% return from their endowments but the amount they get from the federal government is grants and tax subsidies amounts to about 24% of their endowments.
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Wow. Sadly, the Ivy League Schools started all this woke nonsense, and they have the money to keep going without government funding.
The same schools to which Trump continues to send his kids. I wonder if he's going to have Barron just learn a trade?
Veganism is racist too.

From Hitler to present-day national socialists with YouTube cooking channels, the far right's anti-meat ideology runs surprisingly deep.
Unless you are Black. Then it's OK.

There are certain things Black folk refer to as White People Shit. You know, activities predominantly enjoyed by white people. This often includes things like storm chasing, BASE jumping, hot yoga, brunch, Burning Man, and trusting the police.

Many would say veganism also belongs on this list. That’s what I used to think, the assumption being abandoning all animal products and byproducts is an extra, bizarre, and inaccessible pursuit for most of us. I’ve seen so many vegans—white people, of course—that left me with the impression that veganism is merely a diet indulged by those with disposable income. They further turned me off by trying to compare nonhuman animal oppression with chattel slavery, and by trying to shame meat consumption with graphic images of animal suffering.

But what if there’s more to veganism than that?
This stuff is really funny, but also sad because some people follow this crazy cult mentality.
The left wants the number one rated cable news show silenced. It's all about censorship with the left.

No wonder Don Lemon doesn't read the "secret message board" racist statements, because some of those statements could have been taken from Vox or the Washington Post.

I guess posting anonymously on forums is now racist.

EDIT: Oh look! the guy who doxed and cancelled the Fox News writer is racist too!

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A wealth of data collected in a longform Quillette analysis, shows overwhelming white underachievement relative to several minority groups among health outcomes, educational achievement, incarceration rates and economic success.

According to median household income statistics from the US Census Bureau, several minority groups substantially out-earn whites. These groups include Pakistani Americans, Lebanese Americans, South African Americans, Filipino Americans, Sri Lankan Americans and Iranian Americans (in addition to several others). Indians, the group I belong to, are the highest-earning ethnic group the census keeps track of, with almost double the household median income of whites. In Canada, several minority groups also significantly out-earn whites, including South Asian Canadians, Arab Canadians and Japanese Canadians.

Interestingly, several black immigrant groups such as Nigerians, Barbadians, Ghanaians and Trinidadians & Tobagonians have a median household income well above the American average. Ghanian Americans, to take one example, earn more than several specific white groups such as Dutch Americans, French Americans, Polish Americans, British Americans and Russian Americans. Do Ghanaians have some kind of sub-Saharan African privilege?

Nigerian Americans, meanwhile, are one of the most educated groups in America, as one Rice University survey indicates. Though they make up less than 1 percent of the black population in America, nearly 25 percent of the black student body at Harvard Business School in 2013 consisted of Nigerians. In post-bachelor education, 61 percent of Nigerian Americans over the age of 25 hold a graduate degree compared to only 32 percent for the US-born population.
These facts challenge the prevailing progressive notion that America’s institutions are built to universally favor whites and “oppress” minorities or blacks. On the whole, whatever “systemic racism” exists appears to be incredibly ineffectual, or even nonexistent, given the multitude of groups who consistently eclipse whites.
That was already addressed. It really just comes down to you calling everyone you disagree with a racist. There was nothing in any of that that showed anyone was a "white supremacist". A young guy made a mistake and paid a high price for it.

Even the guy who doxed and outed the writer is apparently a "racist".

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I don’t know if I’ve posted about this here in this thread yet, forgive me if i do. But we always hear about these “wage gaps.” And (In 2020) they’re mostly in accurate. Asian Americans actually make more money than white folk. Immigrants from many areas of the world also perform just as well as whites. College educated and married black couples perform just as well as college educated and married white folk. When people point towards the wage gaps they just consider that all things are equal the study in terms of production of each group. But this is a seriously superficial view of the data. For instance, there was this popular study somewhat recently which showed that male physicians made a little more than female physicians. What nobody seemed to notice is that male physicians were working more hours on average and were in generally better paying fields of specialisation. And when you account for this, the discrepancy entirely disappears. But don’t tell that to SJWs, because it doesn’t fit their narrative. I also feel that deep down they’d be disappointed to learn that the pay is equal.

This same holds true regarding the black community. People like to point out the wage differences without accounting for anything else. The reasons why blacks make less in this county is because they are dropping out of high school at a much higher rate, they’re being locked up at a much higher rate, and they’re having children while unmarried at a much faster rate. I short,
There’s a culture problem. The Asians (despite also being marginalized throughout American history) make more money than white people. Know why? Superior cultural values regarding education and hard work. That’s what’s great about this country. Work your ass off and do what’s right and you’ll do well irregardless of skin color. Racism is on its way out. Younger folk are less and less racist as time goes. We don’t fix the problems in the black communities by running around and trying to find people who are using the N word and cancelling them. We have to (THEY HAVE TO) fix these cultural problems.