The SJW and equality movement

Dear fellow citizens

In the wake of the horrifying and brutal killing of George Floyd, many in the UK expressed heartfelt solidarity; widespread protests showed a genuine commitment to opposing racism. Since then, however, activists, corporations and institutions seem to have seized the opportunity to exploit Floyd’s death to promote an ideological agenda that threatens to undermine British race relations.

The power of this ideology lies in the fear it inspires in those who would otherwise speak out, whatever their ethnicity. But speak out we must. We must oppose and expose the racial division being sown in the name of anti-racism.

The consequences of this toxic, racialised agenda are counter-productive and serious. We are all being divided by tactics and narratives many of us know to be untrue:

  • By splitting society into black lives or white lives, racial identity is being used to define who we all are and how we should fight injustice, as opposed to building a united movement to improve life for everyone.
  • Those who favour the identity-based politics of grievance and academic critical race theory are redefining racism. The achievements of civil rights movements in the past – that effected positive material impacts on the lives of ethnic minorities and increased equal treatment – are now being denied and undermined by those who claim racism is on the rise.
  • Demands that millions of people accept uncritically a prescriptive ‘white privilege’ agenda or be dubbed ignorant, racist or in denial is creating new tensions.
  • Under soulless acronyms such as BAME and POC, all ethnic minorities are robbed of individual agency, and assumed to be victims of injustice.
  • Free speech is being eroded by a McCarthyite culture of conformity in which to question the new dogma means to risk one’s livelihood and reputation.
  • Calls for the wholesale destruction of historical statues, symbols and works of art are fuelling an unhealthy war against the past and stirring up culture wars in the present.

  • An obsessive focus on the impact of colonialism threatens to turn history into a morality tale, rather than a complex, three-dimensional understanding of the past.
  • The common conflation of the issue of race in the US with the UK (in relation to criminal justice, for example) is unhelpful as it makes it difficult to discuss our specific historical circumstances and the contemporary challenges we face.

We are committed to supporting open-minded, fact-based investigation into the roots of our many social problems but reject simplistic explanations that reduce all injustice to racial factors.

We are dismayed at the moral cowardice of political and cultural institutions that refuse to speak out in defence of tolerant citizens who are being targeted as though their skin colour is synonymous with ‘unconscious’ bigotry.

We oppose the notion of collective guilt, and support the goals of those who have struggled to ensure that individuals are judged by the content of the character and not the colour of their skin.

We reject the proposition that the UK is inherently racist in 2020, with racial prejudice embedded into our educational, cultural and legal institutions. We salute the struggles of earlier generations of civil rights activists and the progress they made in defeating racist discrimination and attitudes.

We want a genuine movement to fight for equality of treatment. Where racism exists, it should be unapologetically challenged. We oppose those ideologues who seek to irrevocably damage our society by hijacking this important cause. We also oppose the opportunistic far right groups who are already exploiting this new climate of fear and disunity.

We will not be divided – by reactionary racists or culture warriors – who refuse to see us as individuals beyond our skin colour.


Janella Ajeigbe, headteacher

Katharine Birbalsingh, headteacher

Ben Cobley, author, The Tribe

William Clouston, party leader, The Social Democratic Party

Andrew Doyle, writer; comedian

Dr Rakib Ehsan, research fellow, HJS

Simon Evans, comedian

Dr Ashley Frawley, sociologist

Inaya Folerin-Iman, writer; free speech activist

Francis Foster, comedian

Claire Fox, director, Academy of Ideas

Tarjinder Gill, teacher; All In Britain

Manick Govinda, independent arts consultant

Ben Habib, businessman; co-founder, Unlocked; former MEP

Courtney Hamilton, writer

Ash Hirani, South East Hindu Association

Ed Husain, author The House of Islam: A Global History

Ike Ijeh, architect; writer

Christina Jordan, former MEP, South West England

Esther K, YouTuber; author, Graduating Into Adulthood

Lesley Katon, campaigner; creative & communications director

Ramsha Khan, student journalist

Vishal Khatri, aviation professional

Konstantin Kisin, comedian

Kulvinder Singh Manik, GP

Patsy Murrell, Project Manager

Mercy Muroki, political commentator; student

Masimba Musodza, writer

Sarah Peace, artist

Bhimji Pindoria, president, South East Hindu Association

Helen Pluckrose, editor-in-chief, Areo

Calvin Robinson, school leader; teacher

Dr Alka Sehgal Cuthbert, educator; writer

Elizabeth Smith, writer

Professor Doug Stokes, director, Centre for Advanced International Studies

Zuby, musician; rapper; podcast host; author
"If you are liberal and can't stand Trump and can't possibly fathom why anyone would want to vote for him, let me fill you in. We can't stand you. You've done everything in your power to try and destroy this country by tearing down our police, our borders, our history. Systematically destroying our schools, and brainwashing our kids into thinking that socialism is the answer to everything. Demonizing religion and faith and glorifying abortion, violence, and thug culture. From calling us racist for expecting everyone of every color to follow our laws, to ridiculing us for having the audacity to wish someone a merry Christmas, or hang a flag on the fourth of july, or stand for our national anthem, or oh the horror wear a mega hat out in public. So much for your tolerance. We are voting for Trump not because he's the most charming character on the block, but because we vote policy over personality. And we are sick and tired of your divisive and destructive and ignorant and intolerant behavior and beliefs parading around as some kind of wokeness. We are voting for Trump because of you."
Alex Jones on Joe Rogan's podcast, 27 October 2020

Rogan is such a Controlled Cuck. Every time Jones implied male transvestites might not be women, Rogan exclaimed "Whoa! Let's not go there!"

You can listen to that episode on this .mp3 some nice person put online (290 MB)...
I don’t think he’s a controlled cuck. I think he errs on the side of caution but maybe it’s not an err because he is the number one podcaster and echo chamber boundary crosser. He does the world a service by giving a platform to the cancelled.
...maybe it’s not an err because he is the number one podcaster and echo chamber boundary crosser.
Correct. Rogan cucks to avoid cancellation.

That is not an "oopsie-daisy" error. It's a conscious choice to cuck.

Bouncing up against the edges of the Overton Window does make him "edgy" and thus more popular, but it's still cuckery.


P.S. Saturday I got hassled in Austin about No_Mask at both Burger King and this Surf-Mex place Hula Hut down on the river...

I said "Sure thing Boss!", pulled my shirt up over my nose and walked away. They didn't chase me.

Black Lives Matter activists slapped with massive fines for using megaphones during protests in Florida town​
Racial justice activists are denouncing a Florida town where cops fined several people for using megaphones during Black Lives Matter protests, an apparent violation of a local noise ordinance.​
One of the protesters, Christina Boneta, said officials in New Port Richey hit her with more than $2,500 in fines and once arrested her for refusing to sign a citation. The woman claims she never received a warning and only learned she had been fined when a friend looked up her court record, according to the Tampa Bay Times.​
“We might be annoying, yelling and chanting, but we don’t block traffic or take the streets or litter,” she told the paper. “We just literally chant and try to get our message across.”​
Boneta and at least four other activists now owe an estimated $4,700 in fines even as she claims the group has stopped using megaphones.​
Jordan Peterson has a new book coming out. This caused staff at Penguin books to cry. They should have being weeping for joy, because that book will help to pay their salaries for quite some time. But they were crying because, well, because they are idiots, that's why.

In a democratic republic, the citizens, and presumably the office holders, are supposed to be driven by the willingness to put the interests of the community ahead of private interests. While every society of sufficient size has factions, the interests of those factions is supposed to come after the interests of the Republic. This is the framework of Civic Nationalism.

Since the middle of the last century or so, this view of politics has been the exclusive domain of the Right. The Left slowly embraced the partisanship of interest group politics during the cultural revolution of the 1960’s. First it was the array of interest groups in the old New Deal coalition that dominated politics into the 1970’s. That has given way to what we call Identity Politics today. Meanwhile the Right has stubbornly held to the abstract concepts of republican virtue and civic duty.

One result is that a standard item in the toolkit of Official Conservatism has been the argument against identity politics. The claim is identity politics is bad for the country, as it pits one group against another.

Tucker Carlson is probably the most vocal opponent of identity politics. He does a bit against it as part of his standard act. The other night he warned people about what will happen when the military is fully woke on identity politics. He asked, “what if the current lunacy turns out to be more than a passing phase? What if woke race obsession is not a fad, but instead an incurable brain virus that’s infected our country’s entire leadership class?”

He then showed a clip of some television performers talking about what Joe Biden should to do to have a diverse administration. Carlson then went on to explain that the people being given spots in the administration are not qualified for the posts, in the sense that they do not have the skills to perform the stated duties. Instead, they are being given jobs to tick ideological boxes. He then asks what would happen if the woke warriors take over the military.

It is never fully explained, but the viewer is supposed to come away thinking that this would be very bad. Instead of transgender fighter pilots being selected based on their skill, they would be selected based on their choice of sundress. Instead of based black guy getting promoted for his ability, woke black guy will be promoted because he is really into his blackness. Girls will be installed into special forces units to satisfy the desires of Nth wave feminist, rather than on their ability to fight.

Carlson does not put it that way, but he carefully avoids the implications of what he is saying, as he likes living in a mansion. The truth is, a military composed of the sorts of people the Left says are the future will be a disaster. The promotion of female officers is already showing up in incident reports. The military brass is well to the Left of the American public and they are fully committed to diversity. It is just a matter of time before that institution looks like the rest.

Carlson is peddling the same civic nationalist fantasy that conservatives have been peddling for generations. In the face of identity politics, they preach a weird combination of individualism and a sacrifice to principles the other side rejects. His “what if” question is about thirty years too late, as it has been happening since the 1990’s and is accelerating. The real question that needs to be discussed openly is how does one live in a world defined by identity politics?

So far, the stock response from conservative like Carlson is the same answer they have been giving for generations now. That is, white people in general, but conservative whites in particular, should pretend this is not happening. If they just carry on as if that old republican virtue is the best, eventually the other side will tire of their fads, see the results, and return to the civic nationalist fold. In response to the radical advances on every front, civic nationalism has become a cargo cult.

Worse yet, it is a call to docility. The civic nationalist argues that eventually, the built-in false premises of racialism will catch up to them, and all the good citizens really needs to do is wait for reality to slit the throat of racialism. Instead of matching the Left’s anti-white rhetoric with pro-white rhetoric, which would be really bad according the civic nationalists, white people just need to embrace their individualism and soon enough things will go their way. UFO cults have greater self-awareness.

At some point, the dumb idea stops being dumb and becomes dangerous. We live in an age where public figures, elected officials, brag about withholding the Covid vaccine from whites in the name of racial vengeance. Not long ago this sort of rhetoric was considered a white nationalist conspiracy theory. How long before some unthinkable racial assault on whites is the new fad among the ruling class? Refusing to accept this reality, as is common with civic nationalist, is suicide.

This would be fine if it was a private form of suicide. If civic nationalists, like Tucker Carlson, simply focused on the work product of the Left, leaving the rest to the imagination of his viewers, that would be fine. Living within the constraints placed upon him by his employer, but seeding the minds of his viewers with the reality of their situation, would be a great service to his people. That’s not what he is doing. He is explicitly telling his viewers to lie back and take it, promising it will be over soon.

Civic nationalism, like libertarianism, is now a form of escapism. It allows the believer to stand on the sideline, not only believing it is the moral high ground, but certain that what is happening on the field will go his way. The principles of a republic, not only have no place in a majority-minority society, they are a dangerous narcotic that prevents the user from accepting reality. Civic nationalism and its traveling partner libertarianism are more dangerous than the identity politics they claim to oppose.
The only way to stop this nonsense is to fight. To tell them to feck off basically, in one way or another. It's the only thing leftists understand. Force. They don't give a shit about your values or the old ways. They want to tear it all down, and not only that, they want YOU to fall in the process.

If we judge communism by the fruits of its labour in the 20th century and beyond, then what of libertarian/liberal values, which I seem to gravitate naturally towards?

It seems to be that when you liberalise a society too much officially, then it gravitates towards insanity. This free for all doesn't seem to work when it comes from above. Nature abhors a vacuum of power. How about we let people do what they wanna do, but we officially promote traditional values in the west and don't give an inch to the madness we've seen to date? Let's not criminalise or turn on the outliers of a society, let them be free (to an extent of course), but we absolutely will come down like a ton of bricks on any type of org or group or person who tries to prosecute you for offending someone because they can't take it when you say only biological women can have babies.

If you don't stand up for something, you'll fall for anything.
If we judge communism by the fruits of its labour in the 20th century and beyond, then what of libertarian/liberal values, which I seem to gravitate naturally towards?
History has proven that Civic Nationalism is just as pie-in-the-sky absurd as Communism, for the same reason. Both ignore basic facts of reality and human nature.

It's no surprise that any system based on unreality and false premises is destined to fail.

When your System fails, the solution is NOT to double-down and keep doing the same thing harder, expecting different results.