The Skeptiko Random Stuff Thread

Couldn't find such a thread existing on this forum, but if it's up already, please re-direct me there and feel free to delete this one :) If it's not, then perhaps I get to be the creator of that thread in this new forum :D Or perhaps this entire sub-forum is a replacement for that thread?

Either way, I just wanted to post this:

And may the posting of all conceivable randomness commence!
Oddly, it's in the "Guidelines and Introductions"" section.

Thanks, and yeah I see that it is. I utilized the search function and couldn't find it, but I guess it only applies to the specific sub-forum you're at in the moment. Still haven't really understood this new forum :D

Feel free to lock/delete this thread.
Sounds like a skeptic to me.

How about this article:

It's pretty naive. Many people don't seem able to grasp the idea that a system, a human social system namely, is not the sum of its parts. Any cultural entity- a government, social movement, institution, etc- can operate as a singular entity with its own motivations & behaviors producing results not necessarily intended by any individual(s) within the system. A conspiracy does not actually require conspirators... His conclusions might be right, but his reasoning is way off. He could use a little Chomsky.