The super serious problem about "oneness"

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    I'm a pig, really.
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    I have moved this thread out of one of the closed forums - feel free to post here.

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  3. In several posts above I try to show that oneness and individuality are not in conflict. Here is someone discussing the first stage of Buddhist awakening:

    At first time the clouds is cleared and the roots is plugged, there’s only confusion : what just happened??
    Gradually you perception shifted, you start to talk to others from your new perception of life, just to find out not everyone aim for liberation, some just love samsara/sankhara. Sometimes you even caught in debates.

    So does it affect, of course it will. But you really need to practise wisdom , since you’re free from your own mind, you can start to see how others are entangled by those fetters, finding a way to help others by words would be your goal eventually. Compassion and empathy of course will increase as you already sees that you will do the same if you’re him, identified , doubted , feared by his own mind creation fetters . A stream enterer cannot be hurt just by words from others, bcause he can lose his identity anytime he want. His practise of wisdom will keep on increasing as he sees the beginning and ending of every problem.
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    all is one, not same as not a primary. has multiple leaf on a tree, each leaf is a special, a group of group of the tree, and more tree on the tree, the root tree will be roots
    all is one, not the same as not being yourself. there are many leaves on a tree, each leaf is a characteristic, a group of leaves connected to a branch, and many branches are growing from the tree, under the tree will have roots.
    Just as there will be no, duaslim, soul is the branch, not the leaf
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  5. More from the same source:

    I mean you can drop any identitiy anytime, see you have to hold identities when you talk to people, connect with people, but when nobody around, you’re just a gentle whisper of wind blowing in summer breeze.

    When you’re working, people try to stab your identitiy, you can just drop it and know you’re wrong say yeah I admit Im still lots to learn, your mind create no suffering, how can working be stressful? Only when there’s an identity or belongings you try to chase. Try to work as volunteers , stress? No way. ​
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