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    Mar 4, 2018
    This is an argument that I believe. But not sure.
    Because things like images when we look at the eyes do not imply that image means the same. The brain filtering information does not imply it produces experience. Physical processes are not experiences but consciousness when they are acquired. Consciousness, therefore, at a certain level of reality when linked and separated from the brain links only connects the information to the brain.
    But when separated (not implied) that is leaving the fixed by the body linked to the source of information from the waves due to the physical processes at the quantum level and not limited to the acquisition of filtering information in the brain process.
    But I still see a problem if that consciousness is able, when in the brain it can get information about the whole body, why it can only be limited by the brain.
    Or maybe the brain and the living organism have been designed to create a special bond or have a force that creates a limitation on the organism.
    I do not understand.

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