Tips for personal experiments?

Yes it will - though rather expensive, unless Alex wants to give you a grant!

These things are hard to score in a totally objective way (as Julie Beischel did), but in a way, we all want evidence that provides subjective evidence, not a series of tests with p < 0.00000001. Lots of psychic studies are very boring (such as card guessing) but cumulatively yield amazing statistics, but hands on evidence provides a different kind of evidence - more convincing to human beings!

I can probably put away some of my paycheck for the money needed, of course, it’ll make readings a bit far in between, but it’ll be consistent.

But yes, my friends and I are going to Cassadaga again next Sunday and splitting the bill for a group reading. I’ll be giving my friends a briefing on how to only answer questions (if there are any) with yes or no. I’ll see if I can get information that correlates with what I got yesterday.
Actually, this could be another aspect of the research: how much of the data between different mediums matches up. If it’s consistent, then this will be interesting to observe.
Alana have you checked out Dr Julie Beischel's research? Alex interviewed her a while back. She has a book called "investigating mediums." I read most of it. Her method is highly scientific.
Alana have you checked out Dr Julie Beischel's research? Alex interviewed her a while back. She has a book called "investigating mediums." I read most of it. Her method is highly scientific.
I have, but the people I often go to for readings are spiritualists, and their code of ethics forbids them from doing “psychic snooping”, which is something they would breach if I used a proxy sitter. I commend them for sticking to their morals, but it makes research a tad harder for me.
Okay, I’ve found his mother’s contact info from one of my old elementary school directories. I’ll be emailing her tomorrow to ask how my old friend from karate is. Moment of truth, ladies and gents.
okay I’ve emailed her now, all I have to do is wait. Man, this has me on the edge of my seat. If he really is dead, then it’s probbaly the most convincing piece of evidence I’ve ever personally experienced. Though it has me in a moral bind that David pointed out before. I don’t want him to be dead, but it would be fascinating if he was.
Is it possible its somebody else other than the person youre thinking of?
Possibly, but right now he’s the only one I can think of that’s around my age and fits that description. I’ve already cleared the boys I used to ride bikes with, and the medium I got a reading from on August 12th at a local spiritualist church said he was getting the name “Jonathan” and that he was a non related man. He didn’t give any age descriptors, and Ive only known two Jonathans in my life — coincidentally, both from the dojo. One was my Sensei, the other my friend whom I’m asking his mother about. It’s the best lead I have right now.
Update: The mom still hasn’t replied to me, at this point I think it’s a safe bet she won’t. I’ll try to see another medium soon, see if the results are similar
Hey, it’s been about a year since I started this research (if it can be called that). So, as a little recap to help me organize the info in my head:

So far, the only bit of confirmed information I didn’t know about before the reading is my birth mother’s deceased brother. The medium specifically said that he was “related by blood”, she had no way of knowing I was adopted.

Confirmed information I did know about goes as such:

- one medium knew I had been stressing to the point of physical illness, I may have looked a bit haggard that day, but still worth noting.
- the aura reading at one of the readings pretty much got me in a box

Unconfirmed information but still intriguing:

- two different mediums gave me similar descriptions of a boy my age who died around 13-15 from an accidental overdose. I researched the best I could and found that the family of the suspected person had moved houses around the same time of the supposed death. It would make sense for the family to move after such a loss, but unless I find an obituary or the mother replies to my email (very unlikely) I don’t want to assume anything.
- one medium I met went on about a past life where I’d fallen from a large height and cracked my head. She asked if I had any similar event happen when I was young and I said yes. When I was 4, I cracked my head open on a chair and still have a faint scar. No one really notices it unless I point it out anymore and she was a good meter away from me, so that was kind of interesting.

Hopefully I’ll be able to visit another medium soon.
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