Transgender phenomena and past lives: any thoughts

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    Sorry, I edited my comment. I don't have a problem with trans seeking out trans services, or even Christians doing Christian services (that was a big thing in the South when I lived there in the '90s), or the black community using black services.

    If you see my above comment, my problem is with post modernism and its effect on politics and philosophy -- trans/queer ideology (NOT individual trans people, of course) is an off-shoot of that, IMO.
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    I have known one person who had the op, and now lives as a woman.

    I think my strongest reaction to all this, is that the current extreme politicisation of this subject is unlikely to help in the medium/long term. Politicians and media folk like to get involved in campaigns of this sort because it raises their profile and makes them look caring. I'd say that politicians may do something useful (if you are lucky) but they are hardly ever caring people!

    Do we really understand this phenomenon at all well? I mean, it seems well accepted that most of us have male and female aspects of our personality - some more so than others. Some people use this as a major part of their life - think of male ballet dancers.

    There are also people who come to hate their bodies (not their sex) for no apparent reason. There are even odd cases of people who want surgery to correct this:

    On top of this, we have the obvious fact that some people are homosexual/lesbian.

    It seems to me that forging a political campaign out of the rights of transgender people, is likely to do more harm than good. By all means try to reduce the stigma that all people who are significantly different tend to feel, but don't put lessons into school about this subject - because kids can go through all sorts of 'phases', and it is surely better to let most gravitate towards the norm rather than encourage them to become more extreme in this respect..

    From what I have read, people who can recall a number of past lives (e.g. under hypnosis) report both male and female lives, but maybe if some of them remember a life as the opposite sex for a bit longer than usual, trouble sets in. The problem is that hardly anyone - certainly in the media or politics - takes the idea of past lives at all seriously.

    We should tread more gently in this area.

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    The occlultist would say that it's not remembering(as such) previous lives, but rather the unconscious urge - which may linger from say, a string of previous lives in a male body, now female . where the person is rather manly. Really a very unbalanced string of previous changes in gender.

    It's a perhaps somewhat wasted life - hankering after a previous incarnation. Just as wanting to go live in a monastery is unconscious hankering after a previous life lived as a monk.
    Or following a particular religion again, when it should have been outgrown, leading to fundamentalism.

    Not that there isn't learning in any life - just my awkward way of triyng to define cause.

    The other lesser cause is obsession from a different gender entity, who hasn't left the earthbound state for some reason.

    so say the occultists.

    makes sense to me.
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    Oct 31, 2013
    Well the whole concept of learning from a number of different lives is complicated.

    I based what I said on a number of accounts of adults being regressed into previous lives, for example:

    Plus the work of Ian Stevenson, who explored many claims that young children remember previous lives, and also in some cases have problems associated with such a life - for example a fear of water after a life that ended in a drowning.

    Obviously you could argue that people aren't 'meant' to access their previous lives but to live each as itself, but it would seem the wall isn't so impermeable - unless of course you discount all the evidence for previous lives in the standard sceptical way!

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    Ive been given the ok to post this by the founder of the site or at least thats what i think he is? Im not looking for an arguement of any sort, but going to give some info on the trans community and some myths some people perpetuate. I know ill get backlash but im fine with that.

    Sorry about bringing up an old post as well.

    Let me formally introduce myself first, my name is chloe and i was born different then most, ive had my gender identity ever since i can remember.

    Trans people past lives are generally mostly 1 more then the other

    - infact this is true to a point but trans people actually have the soul of that gender which actually causes a rift in the current life which does cause a different thought process in the brain. You arent born with the opposite brain but rather as i said before, the true soul of that gender.

    2. Trans people are sexually deviant:

    This isnt the case here, some trans people have high sex drives while some dont (which is my case), i dont intend on having a relationship due to this fact.

    Youll also hear about trans people sexually abusing people but that comes from a transphobes mouth. The truth here is not a shred of evidence can back up this theory at all, but the actual truth is, trans women more-so then transmen get sexually assaulted just for being who they are, but overall, trans people are sexual assault victims of in 1 of every 2 (im one whose been molested), so this fear of trans people doing this is false with no evidence to back it up. So with that being said, a community thats assaulted constantly are actually peaceful people with a heavy stigma nailed to the back. Heres an article to back it up the findings of no such evidence:

    3. Trans people are confused

    - the truth here is that 1-2% of trans people regret transitioning which can impact peoples thought about it being fake or even a phase. But the reality here is that it is rare for a regret. Ill tell you that most trans people are quite content with the transition and are much happier in their own skin after beginning their process, which in-fact makes a trans person more stable within ourselves.

    4. Trans people are not happy and dont want to be happy:

    - well heres the thing, yes trans people are unhappy BUT ONLY BEFORE TRANSITIONING. Once the medical treatment starts and become more confident with oneself, then their perception of ones self will change entirely and become more inclined to be part of something. But something that does cause a collision course perse, is the huge stigma by those outside the trans community.

    5. Trans people just go into bathrooms to rape and molest

    - this goes back to people saying trans people are sexually deviant, this is not the case one bit. Just because we transition does NOT mean we will rape you, for instance, we just want to use the bathroom accordingly, even some are uncomfortable going to the washroom in public, myself included. I will not use the public restrooms unless theres a gender neutral bathroom. Otherwise, ill hold it until im home.

    6. Its a choice/lifestyle/choose to be like this

    - none of that even comes close to who we are as a whole. As i stated before, we have the soul of that certain gender which is the same as cispeople so this can be detrimental to who we are and how we connect. I dont totally follow this logic that its a choice one bit as its false. We do not choose any of this.

    6. Suicide

    - there is a suicide attempt rate of about 40% within the community which is much higher then rest of the world which is around 10% or less. So as you can see, the hatred outside the trans community is unreal.

    7. Trans people are all gay or just super gay

    - this might be high up on the list that is not true. Trans people can have a wide range of sexualities like most cis people and are gravitated to the same things.

    8. We trick people

    Just because we dont tell you right away, does not mean we are trying to trick you in any sort of way. You have to realize, we need to protect ourselves in certain circumstances. I do not open up right away. If we feel comfortable enough to inform you, then great but that factuality here is, you dont need to know unless a romantic relationship begins. Until then, its none of your business. (Even at this point, some want to live as a stealth.)

    9. Surgery (srs)

    Not all of us are looking for the surgery because to those who don't, usually dont have the money for it or they are fine with how they are.
    But for those of us who do, its more of a life or death situation, we call our genitals "an alien", "ghost", amongst other entities because we are grossed out by whats attachted to us from birth. A lot of us think about dissembling it from us in an entirety when we are very young or even question why its on us to begin with. This can start as young as we can speak.

    Stealth means that you pass so well that there is no way of knowing unless the individual informs you, if you want a proper definition, then please google it.

    Cis means you identify as the gender you were born as, so basically same side.

    Thank you for reading and taking your time to read and maybe having a bit more of an understanding. Have a good day.
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