Transhumanism: The Search for Human 2.0

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    Nov 1, 2013
    I don't think you're a minority with respect to this. Universal health care is untenable right now. At least in the US.
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    Oct 31, 2013
    In Canada we have public health care. We also have public schools and libraries.

    As far as OP, evolving beyond human is good, relying on hardware is primitive.

    An alternate translation

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  3. Here's an interesting article highlighting some of the stuff we've talked about this in this thread - that transhumanism transcends materialist and immaterialist divides. Interesting to see a religion drawing from both Alan Watts and Ray Kurzweil:

    The Trans-Everything CEO


  4. "Ever wished you could unlock doors, turn on your lights, or log into your computer with a simple swipe of your hand? Amal Graafstra does just that as one of the first and most well-known "do-it-yourself" RFID (radio-frequency identification) implantees in the world. In this talk, Amal talks about his journey as a pioneer in RFID implementation and what you should know about biohacking."
  5. Our Cyborg Future: Law and Policy Implications

  6. Dr. Ted Chu on our Transhuman Potential-
    In this three-part video, economist and philosopher Ted Chu presents his new book Human Purpose and Transhuman Potential along with his original theory of "transhuman economics." The occasion was his book-launch event on the Universe Spirit yacht ( at anchor in Northern California. Professors at four Bay Area universities were present, in addition to other prominent thinkers, writers, and teachers.

  7. Guess we might not have to wait for the robots:

    One Big Unhappy Economy: Report on G-20 Labor Markets Finds Too Few Jobs Worldwide

  8. Chalmers vs. Pigliucci — The Philosophy of Mind Uploading

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    Jun 20, 2014
    ¿Does anyone know some good paper on the subject of Transhumanism and psicokinesis?
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    Nov 3, 2013
    I suspect there isn't an overlap here; transhumanists are usually athiests and skeptics, though the religious component was refocused in to engineering said technologies instead of making "thinking" organizations to sneer at believers.

    Amusingly, a lot of the crit-think crowd hates transhumanists and singularity people.
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  11. Technological Superstitions

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    Nov 2, 2013
    As do I. It has roots in the ideas that humans are flawed, that what humans create with their intellect is better than what is "natural" and, most of all, in the most stifling materialism. It's proponents do not grasp that shifts can be realized through means other than technological.
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  13. Heh, I forgot Lanier wrote this awhile back...

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  14. In case you ever start to think transhumanism will empower people:

    Facebook and Apple Offer Egg-Freezing Perk So Women Never Stop Working

  15. The Hollowness of Radical Bioethics

  16. Some interesting ideas regarding the movie Transcendence (the movie's plot is spoiled):

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    Oct 31, 2013
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    The reviewer doesn't attack the movie Transcendence at its most vulnerable level: the basic absurdity of its premise that AI will soon (or some time) achieve consciousness and beyond human intelligence. A good essay on just one of the reasons (the language problem) why AI at the level assumed coming by transhumanists is pure fantasy, an impossible dream, is at .

    Notice that "knowledge" inherently implies "knowing", which is an inherent aspect of consciousness, not of mere number crunching processing of stored digital information. Of course, this issue is a big one in consciousness research.
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  19. Heh looking back I'm not sure why I was so sure VR would make a difference in class disparity and the like...But I wanted to go back to this post because I found it interesting that a Transhumanist would also come out for the paranormal*:

    I don't want to impugn Ben by saying his reasons are to better sell transhumanism, but I do find the idea of immaterialist transhumanists an interesting one. (Similarly Basch's Prime Mover + Computationalism stance fascinates me. There seems to be growing middle ground between the extremes Skeptiko covers.)

    On the one hand I think some (myself included sometimes) equate transhumanism as a largely materialist-leaning movement but really someone who thinks they have a soul or live multiple lifetimes might see their core-self as beyond the alterations they make to their bodies.

    Today's religions might largely oppose transhumanism...but I'm not really sure if that's the case at least in America where there does seem to be overlap between Christians and Libertarianism?

    *It's possible Ben's changed his mind since then, I haven't kept up with him...but if not I think he'd make a fascinating Skeptiko guest. AFAIK he still holds to the ideas in that blog post but one would have to probably ask him.

  20. Another transhumanist, Giulio Prisco, agrees with him.

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