Trump Consciousness

Your info was lacking. The fact that you even have to question what the "Trumpster" did, tells everything we need to know.
Oh please. I know the things Trump did I'm not going to cry over the word "pu$$y". What else ya got? College, the "P" word. What else? nothing. We could look up more things he did well. He got nominated for 3 Nobels. AND if you say something you have to prove it AND no submitting stupid stuff nobody cares about. Like he's divorced.. nobody cares.

Meanwhile back at the ranch, do you think Joe Biden will take care of his new grandbaby? The one the idiot said he didn't get pg... then proof showed YOU ARE THE FATHER! I know you're going to say Hunter isn't running for Pres.

No, he isn't, but the crackhead will be in YOUR White House. Have fun with that.
Gotta admit it looks like those voting machines were real sketchy. 3 counties in Georgia found thousands of missing votes... the vote dump looks weird. It doesn't look good, wish it did... another thing, we are to believe a guy who is missing a bunch of marbles, hiding in his basement won. And the guy getting thousands of people at rallies loses .... that doesn't look good. When Harris & Biden went to one rally only 10 people showed up.
He has loyal followers but your failing to see that people weren't voting for Biden, they we're voting against Trump. It's funny that people think cheating must have happened bc Trump is so popular...that's hysterical. We don't want him that's why he'll be gone soon.
One last thought: Does “Trump Consciousness” pass the litmus test of being loving? The self-evident answer tells you everything you need to know.
Let me address your last point btw.

The whole reason Trump has so many fanatical supporters, is that the left has become so radicalised and extreme, and not only that, has force fed their views down the rest of society and ruined lives if you don't agree.

This specific point, is absolutely why people are coming to blows, and WILL NOT compromise. When you push people into corners, they tend to fight back.

Also, being loving, is not equal to being kind or pleasant. I think this idea is a stupid denial of the human experience, and all the predators that tend to lurk here. Sometimes you gotta be tough with people. I once read a book called "Assholes", by Aron James that tends to sum up my views on many things.......

In the New York Times bestseller Nick Hornby calls “helpful, stimulating, and very timely” (The Believer), philosopher Aaron James presents a theory of the asshole that is both intellectually provocative and existentially necessary.

What does it mean for someone to be an asshole? The answer is not obvious, despite the fact that we are often personally stuck dealing with people for whom there is no better name. Try as we might to avoid them, assholes are found everywhere and in multiple iterations: smug assholes, royal assholes, the presidential asshole, corporate assholes, reckless assholes. The list goes on.

Asshole management begins with asshole understanding. Much as Machiavelli illuminated political strategy for princes, this book finally gives us the concepts to think or say why assholes disturb us so, and explains why such people seem part of the human social condition, especially in an age of raging narcissism and unbridled capitalism. These concepts are also practically useful, as understanding the asshole we are stuck with helps us think constructively about how to handle problems he (and they are mostly all men) presents. We get a better sense of when the asshole is best resisted, and when he is best ignored—a better sense of what is, and what is not, worth fighting for."
He has loyal followers but your failing to see that people weren't voting for Biden, they we're voting against Trump. It's funny that people think cheating must have happened bc Trump is so popular...that's hysterical. We don't want him that's why he'll be gone soon.
But it looks sketch. yeh, I would imagine many votes were against Trump. Had to be, when I counted the vote counts... there were 47,000+ Georgia people who only voted for a President. The rest took the time to vote down the line of their party.
She’s off her rocker.
Let it go.
LOL. She might be! If so this will REALLY be a circus. wth? Hey, what if she is right? WHAT if they come out with some really bad evidence? I suspect they should have shown it already... if they have nothing, Trump should just give up. I mean.. he would know. If they are pushing Trump to believe a lie (?).

What I don't get is all this information is being given out about whistleblowers, those Dominion vote boxes (the software) was miscalculated (?). Why isn't that on the MSM? I mean they could sue if she is lying...


I’ve actually watched it now... She’s even losing newsmaxx. They’re not buying it :D
You do realize if she is right... it would be really bad? For all of us. Goes beyond Trump vs Biden. I'll say this if she is lying she should go to jail. But, I did see a lot of what she said. The Michigan one is kind of complicated. But her evidence was in an entire part of Michigan... it showed 0 registered voters, but then there were GIANT numbers for Biden. Do you know what I mean? It showed the participation of voters in certain areas as 0 then showing thousands of votes for Biden far superseding anything for Trump.

It's possible but so unlikely. I mean I know how numbers flow (like in businesses) there is a flow. If I see a fluctuation in one store that doesn't flow with other stores you usually catch the embezzler.
I try to separate spirituality from politics because it leads to demonizing people with different political beliefs as "evil". Throughout history that has led to the worst kind of atrocities justified by people claiming spiritual and moral authority. No one is infallible so it is usually a bad idea to judge others lest you be judged.

And people in different circumstances are naturally affected differently by political policies so it is common for good people to disagree on what is the best policy. Thinking large numbers of human beings are evil because of their political beliefs is almost always a mistake.

I have tried to explain why I think conservative polices are best (below). I am not trying to change any Democrats' minds but I hope I can get them to be a bit more tolerant of people on the other side:

Some people can't understand how I can be spiritual and also support Trump.

Here's how:

I was born in New York City. People from New York are known throughout the rest of the country for being blunt. I do not come from a refined family. The people around me when I was growing up were blunt. So I am not offended by Trump's blunt manners.

However people who are offended by Trump's manners don't like him.

People who don't like Trump because of his manners or because he is in the wrong party or because he is a billionaire are easily fooled by tons and tons of lies about him spread by the news media and opposing politicians. People are very careless about confirming information that seems to agree with anything they strongly believe so Trump's detractors are ready to believe any accusation about Trump that confirms their dislike of him. The dossier was a fraud, many new reports about him were retracted, etc etc.

The reason I can support Trump is because I am not fooled by fake news and political smears, I am not offended by his blunt manners, his party affiliation, or his wealth.

Trump is not a racist, he is not a pawn of Russia, Israel, or any other country. He is not beholden to Wall Street or corporatists. He is not insane. He is not Hitler. He is a street fighter from New York who knows how to play hardball with large corporations, governments, and government officials.

This is why I can support Trump. The reason I do support Trump is different.

I do support Trump because I care about the poor people in the United States. The USA is a wealthy country but we do have poverty here. Trump's policies will help the poor in the US more than Democrat policies. If you want to know what causes poverty, follow the money. Who benefits from poverty? The politicians who pander to poor people, Democrats. They want to keep poor people poor and they want to increase their ranks by making middle class people poor and through opening the borders of the USA to the world's poor. That is their strategy for keeping power from which they gain their wealth.
  • Unrestricted immigration hurts poor citizens because it lowers wages. It also puts stress on systems designed to help the poor which results in fewer resources available for poor citizens. It also increases demand for low income housing which raises rents.
  • High corporate taxes hurt poor people because high corporate taxes slow economic growth which slows job creation and slows growth in wages.
  • Interpreting the constitution according to "modern" views hurts poor people. The rule of law is based on objective interpretation of written laws, if we start interpreting laws according to the whims of the judges then every citizen is at risk of losing the protections guaranteed by the constitution. This hurts poor people most because poor people are more likely to come into contact with the criminal justice system. Trump is not appointing "conservative" judges to the supreme court and federal courts, he is appointing judges who believe the law should be interpreted as intended by the writers not by the whim of the judges presiding over a case.
  • Unnecessary environmental regulation and other unnecessary government regulations slow economic growth which hurts poor people (above)
  • The conservative view of abortion is that an unborn baby is still a human being and deserves the same rights that every other human being has. (This video will show you why people oppose abortion, it is not for the squeamish: Also, a racist would never oppose abortion.

I understand other people may have different opinions on these issues. People are entitled to their opinions. But I hope others can see that the conservative viewpoint consists of legitimate opinions and support for conservative policies does not necessarily mean a person is a selfish evil racist.

I am also concerned for the poor people who live in other countries. The best solution is for their countries to improve their form of government giving their people economic freedom and rule of law. Those two factors are all that is necessary to alleviate poverty. If this would happen the entire world would experience a reduction poverty without making things harder for the poor in the USA.

I don't expect this post to do much to change anyone's mind about Trump or the issues, but there is one minimum goal I hope I can accomplish and that is to convince people that conservatives are not stupid or evil and that supporting Trump is not an indicator that a person is stupid or evil. That the animosity between left and right is not warranted by the actual differences in their opinions ought to convince people to question the sources of information that perpetuate this animosity.
This is a more in depth explanation of conservative policies:

  • The open border policies of Democrat politicians allow large numbers of unskilled workers into the US which makes it harder for low income Americans to find jobs.

  • The US has a generous legal immigration policy. Each year from 2008 to 2017 there were between 620,000 to 1 million immigrants granted citizenship ( Staying in the country illegally, is unfair to immigrants who follow the rules. People who stay in the US illegally are violating US law, they are not law abiding people.

  • Democrat immigration policies make it harder to protect American citizens from dangerous criminals, child sex traffickers, and drug gangs.

  • People staying in the country illegally are exploited by corporations that pay them less than legal residents and provide poor working conditions. Democrat politicians are exploiting them too, they encourage them to come here illegally where they will be exploited second class citizens because Democrat politicians hope amnesty in the future and illegal voting in the present will give them an edge in elections.

Economic Growth

  • Economic growth is the best way to reduce poverty, it has raised billions of people across the globe out of poverty. Economic growth provides more jobs, better jobs, higher wages, increased benefits, and improved working conditions.

  • Lower taxes increase economic growth. Trump has lowered taxes. Democrats want to raise taxes.

  • Economic growth is good for the environment. Rich countries can better afford to protect their environment. The worst environmental problems occur in the poorest countries.

  • Too many unnecessary government regulations inhibit economic growth. Trump has cut regulations. Democrats want more regulations.

  • Trump's trade policies favor American workers not American corporations. Democrat trade policies favor foreign countries and corporations.

Foreign Policy

  • When Trump took office there were numerous terrorist attacks occurring in Europe. After Trump wiped out ISIS in Iraq and Syria, those attacks stopped.


  • Trump supports school choice which allows parents to choose better schools for their children. Democrats want to eliminate or limit school choice because they don't care about educating children, they care about the public school teachers salaries, pensions, benefits and vacations.


  • Democrats want to appoint judges that interpret the law to favor their left leaning political views. Other people might want judges that interpret the law according to right leaning views. The best compromise is to appoint judges that interpret the law according to neither left or right leaning views. The best compromise is to appoint judges who will interpret the law the way it was understood when it was passed and let elected legislators alter the law democratically when it needs to be changed. This is what Trump is doing, appointing originalist judges who interpret the law as it was meant to be understood. But the Democrats don't want a fair compromise they want to push their radical agenda on everyone in an undemocratic manner.

Social Policy

  • For decades Democrats have been using political correctness and identity politics to silence opposition and divide Americans into special interest groups. The natural evolution of this is the riots occurring in Democrat run cities. It will only get worse if it is not opposed. Trump is not politically correct. He favors open communication and settling our differences through democratic constitutional mechanisms, not through street brawls, intimidation, and censorship.

  • Why are the all the power institutions: the media, Hollywood, academia, the Democrat party, the federal bureaucracy, US intelligence agencies, foreign intelligence agencies, the Obama’s, the Clintons, the Bushes and some other Republicans against Trump? Because Trump is fighting for the American people and not the policies that these institutions favor to enrich themselves at the expense of American workers.
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Once a politician buys an election from Dominion, they become comprimised and become susceptible to coercion through threats of exposure. Maybe that's why it called "dominion". The people who make the voting machines and count the votes gain control of the people and countries that use those machines. You think your're buying an election and you find out you've sold your soul.