Trump Consciousness

You do realize if she is right... it would be really bad? For all of us. Goes beyond Trump vs Biden. I'll say this if she is lying she should go to jail. But, I did see a lot of what she said. The Michigan one is kind of complicated. But her evidence was in an entire part of Michigan... it showed 0 registered voters, but then there were GIANT numbers for Biden. Do you know what I mean? It showed the participation of voters in certain areas as 0 then showing thousands of votes for Biden far superseding anything for Trump.

It's possible but so unlikely. I mean I know how numbers flow (like in businesses) there is a flow. If I see a fluctuation in one store that doesn't flow with other stores you usually catch the embezzler.
They explained that there were clerical errors, just like in every election. Apparently there were even more of these errors in 2016, which Trump won.
The thing that bugs me the most about Trump is how he goes on and on about this right to life crap ....what an evil bastard .....right MALF !
The issue I have with this is Trump has been all over the place with these issues. Hell, he was a Democrat not that long ago. In his world, there are just winners and losers...He will "believe" in whatever he needs to, to gain followers. I think he probably knew it would be easier to win as a Republican because they don't really vet their representatives. The Democrats go to the opposite extreme and will find footage from 20 years ago and politely give you the boot. I don't think he really has any respect for life. I'm almost positive he's sent many of his mistresses to Planned Parenthood. I don't really believe he cares for anything except his own ego. It's sad really.
I saw The Sisters Of The Poor at his rallies. the devil has them on his side ....scary!
My point is that he doesn't have a side. He doesn't seem to care much about anything unless it helps him win. This is why he's hiding in the Oval Office...he's embarrassed because he lost.
another thing that really pissed me about the evil doer is that he was getting steel and aluminum smelting back in the hands of America .....what a nutty idea to be able to smelt your own steel with the raw materials from the ground around you ....much better that you rely on China for that
what an ass hole he is ....trying to stop 10000 illegal migration spewing across southern border ...that's no problem he making that up .....wake up he just hates people that are not WHITE ....RIGHT GUYS !!
America should really pay restitution to the families if all those poor Isis souls we lost when Trump blew them off the face of the earth ...they were not deserving of that. ..cut off heads... rape torture. .... that's not problem ....he was wrong to do that .....he should have left it to fester some more like his predecessors did
For any good he may have done, Trump is currently demonstrating why he lost.

He’s a big baby with no class.

He may even be wrecking the Atlanta run offs for his party.

Bart V

straw materialist
For the lefties, post modernists and neo Marxist socialists who are posting here. (you know who you are)
Not trying to speak for anyone else, but my political leanings are certainly more to the left. To the Trump crowd i would be a communist, but let us be real, they would call everything left of the Klu Klux Klan communism.
I am for a form of capitalism that is kept in check by good individual and social protections, environmental rules, livable wages, health care that is affordable and for everybody.

Just consider if things were reversed?
Actually, the experiment has been done in 2016, Trump won with exactly the same number of electoral college votes.
However without support of the popular vote, millions of votes less than Clinton, a nice illustration of how the system is skewed towards republicans.

He won with the same exact machines, and there maybe were some mutterings about fraud or so, but nothing was taken serious by anybody that matters.
Clinton called Trump to congratulate, and conceded the next day.
It was actually Trump who claimed voter fraude because he couldn't stand losing the popular vote.
He had these claims investigated and came up empty.

So you have your answer, things were reversed in 2016, and the reaction was also completely reversed.

If there were signs of fraud, hundreds of affidavits, whistle blowers, convictions, statistical anomalies, threats and intimidation, suspect software that has been involved in electoral fraud before, and on and on.... Including the stuff that is being withheld..... All the things you are filtering out that is.
the problem is that there is simply no proof for all of this.
What Affidavits? If you are convinced by showing a stack of papers you are even more credulous than i thought.
What whistle blowers, the ones they paid?
What statistical anomalies, do you have something concrete there, something we can investigate?
The software he had four years to replace if he wanted?

Well what do think would be happening? What would you be saying about it? what would the media be saying? Honestly?
Every serious reporter would laugh away the "evidence", just as all the courts do, honestly.

I think the answer is pretty clear. Common you guys know exactly what the answer to that would be.
That is pure projection. You poor soul, you can not even imagine that other people don't live in your fantasy world.
Try to put yourselves in the other shoes for a moment and just think. Not everyone feels the same way. Please acknowledge that.
How could we? there is simply no way to accept the same things as evidence as you do, keep in mind that some people demand more than intuition to accept things as being true.

I don't support Trump or Biden, I want what is best. At this point it is just about exposing the corruption is what is best. If you think there is none then you are truly lost Is all I can say. Consumed by you own ideology.
For someone who likes to lecture on using straw men, you do like to use them.
This is a textbook example. It is not because we do not believe in Q-anon like conspiracies, we do not believe corruption exists.