Trump Consciousness

On Sunday the Constitutional Lawyer Robert Barnes predicted that Sidney Powell will be financially ruined.

Barnes said she made HUGE legal errors, and also predicts she will be disbarred.

At 1:31:30 in this video...

Totally deserved for her lies and corruption. Not quite as loopy as Lucian Wood or Patrick Byrne, but close.
If I wore it to a Trump rally, cheered on Trump, and voted for Trump, yes, that would make me a Trumper. If I wore it to a Trump rally, cheered U S A with the crowd, but voted for Biden, that wouldn't make me a Trumper. And if I wore it to a BLM protest, and followed some people into a store with broken windows, that wouldn't mean that it was far-right extremists who started the looting.

Did you watch the video? He says "we gotta get this shit burned" once, at normal conversation level, which sounds like "oh, I better say something that makes me sound like I'm part of this group". And nobody reacts to him. He's clearly just going with the flow of whatever's happening around him. None of it is because of him.

Nope. Never said anything like that. I haven't forgiven illegal behavior. That guy should be arrested like the rest, and he can make his case that he was acting as a journalist when he entered illegally, in front of a court.

So you are saying that you and the other Trumpers here soundly condemn the 99.9% of people there who were Trumpers engaged in illegal behavior?
This is the thing. We heard from people on here that people were angry and there was going to be a response. There was and now it wasn't their fault. Huh? This is why it's hard to take them's so convoluted.
Trump supporters tried to stop the attack on the capitol.

You can literally hear the crowd calling out the antifa people breaking into the Capitol.
They had no idea whether or not there were Antifa people breaking in. They just called out "Antifa" because they didn't realize that there was a large crew of Trumpers/QAnon breaking in. Trumpers blame everything on Antifa, almost all of which they are wrong about. The bad actors are their own kind.

I think Rudy was right. There was clearly a large group of Trumpers who weren't aware of the planned violence/insurrection amongst other groups of Trumpers/QAnon. They were planning/expecting a peaceful protest, so they called out "Antifa", when they saw their comrades breaking in. But all the people who have been arrested carrying weapons, climbing equipment, glass-breaking equipment, antidotes against deterrents (like tear gas), Molotov cocktails, bomb-making equipment, etc., have been Trumpers.
This version ( and some others) are still on youtube (at the time I posted this). This seems to be complete and uninterrupted which is why I'm posting it even thought it's a small image - I wanted to save the transcript.

Below is the transcript, I removed line breaks, but didn't clean it up. The paragraph brakes are mostly random to make it a bit easier to read:

The main points of interest, in my opinion are:

6:17 "we shall not let it happen we cannot let it happen"

and at 4:41 he says they didn't try to stop the election fraud because they wanted the public to see it for themselves. Letting it happen certainly exposed a large number of traitors in state governments, the US congress, the US supreme court, the news media, social media, etc.

Since it would be crazy to let it happen if they couldn't stop it later, it would seem he is implying that they do have plans to stop it.

If special forces has Pelosi's laptop, the military is involved - they would be the only ones who could stop this.
The national guard troops in DC might also be considered a hopeful sign even though there is a plausible cover story for that.
And it provides an explanation why Pelosi is trying to get Trump out of office before the end of his term.

I hope it's true, but I'm an waiting for it to happen before I will really believe it.

You can listen for yourself and figure out what it means. I don't know if he is serious.

the fact is is covid 19 was a biological attack on the world it was the number one impact the economies look at it look at this place first time i've been here since colgate 19 it's an air raid and so they've impacted our economies number two it was a direct attack on the election and they knew what was going to happen so obviously the democrats whether they're in a party what or in collusion with this and when they initially started with hong kong taking over hong kong violating what the treaty was and all that so they want it's it's hybrid warfare using uh cyber warfare and different tools economics a whole host of things to change the world and they have done it very effectively now what we are all of a sudden realizing because i didn't become involved with this until the first of november when i found out that a program called hammer and scorecard were going to be used to as a cyber weapons tool cyber warfare tool to take and change the voting and it did and i called uh rudy and sydney and someone got me in touch with them and told them so i learned on the first of november sunday the second i was on

the steve bannon show with sydney as a co-host saying what was going to happen and then the third what happens it's factual and so now we have an unconstitutional government and you don't even have to know what i know about the cyber warfare because they violated their constitutions when they changed the rules and let's examine those battleground states that they know that the fraudulent voting came in and it always comes in late at night and so what we found ourselves with again and i found it this tuesday night is they have taken control they have taken control of our society and we have one person we just came from there in the white house standing in the way and it's gonna mean and you don't fully realize it but every one of us here every american out there is going to have to stand up we read about it in history we read about normandy and all of that but now we are in it and so we must spread it we cannot cannot surrender and the president said he wouldn't you all know that it was that attack on the capital was done by antifa but it was enabled by mcconnell by schumer by pelosi and the mayor they knew that was coming you've all been up there there were hardly any security police there and and they moved in and antifa did their thing and then the media picked it up i worked for fox for almost 17 years it's disgraceful what they're doing and then and unfortunately rupert is driving that

with his son and they have now merged with the rest of the mainstream media this is serious this is expanding we cannot let it happen we don't have four years as hong kong has seen we do not have time time is against us and anne and i were just talking to someone about the information that's been released that shows clearly in those battleground states the cyber warfare that was used we also found out i found out yesterday that comey the former fbi director sold the hammer and scorecard this top secret program to the chinese so you now have this top secret program that is like your iphone it gets in it's called hammer it gets into the voting network then it has an application like on your iphone you have all those apps it puts it on and it modulates the voting so they win not by a large number i got a call tuesday night at 11 30 that the isi from pakistan was now in the voting machines in georgia i called someone let them know the two candidates laughter and purdue were ahead i watched one hour later they were behind so now i thought that they should stop it

"i think their game plan is: no, let them do it we have this we will present this evidence to the american people. so we can judge we don't need someone to tell us we can tell when we have unconstitutional acts going on against us. and when you think about it covid19 why are they trying to kill our small businesses and and make everybody dependent upon the government democratic socialism is the front door to communism and and none of us ever thought that we would be in that position today where this country became a communist society but think of what's happening now in twitter and facebook they won't let the president be on it they're censoring the president of the united states this is amazing in our country that we would have ever thought this would happen and that's why i was so disappointed in the vice president he had the opportunity because if we had a 10-day audit it would be very clear to all of us and all 323 million americans whatever the number is today it would be very clear what has happened to our society so god bless you let's keep fighting it let's support this president and the people like ourselves that understand what's happening in front of us

"we shall not let it happen we cannot let it happen" and it i never thought we'd have so many americans who have betrayed and i believe it is for money and the chinese are moving the money that's true okay yeah now that's just a small part but i had seen that two weeks ago and what she's talking about is there's a person who is telling the world what italy's role was using the uh satellite uh italian government satellite leonardo leonardo you know i was hunting for leonardo da vinci but the leonardo and and they were they were changing votes but there were there were many countries that were doing that but it had to be controlled from china using hammer and scorecard in my opinion because you couldn't have so many different attacks because you'd be you you'd be changing numbers in all the 50 states it just wouldn't match up that has to be synchronized and they all do it like it was late at night in georgia 7 30 but the president uses this case in point you'll hear him given his speech and this is in michigan at 0 6 31 there were and it's like 142 722 votes changed to biden now the first time i heard him give that speech i said anyone that says 0 6 31 on 4 november wasn't 0 6 30 wasn't about 6 00 it was 0 6 31 and it was 142 722 whatever it is i can't remember the

exact number but it means the president has that data now he has all of this data and and how he's going to get it to the american people ann and i were talking to someone that's going to do more of what was just done in italy but show you the magnitude of it because we have watched it in real time now that has changed and the data is there i've got it on my iphone it can tell you so where people are saying there's no evidence they're the same people that when we're taking someone who's taking the picture down in georgia you remember and they pull the cases from underneath the table and you say well there's the evidence well they say well you can't prove that look they have this is a card from excuse me from joseph goebbels if you tell a lie big enough and that's what they're doing and you see pelosi you see schumer ann just told me that pelosi called the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff general mark milley and they're trying to get him out on the 25th amendment or to impeach him why well because on wednesday they took pelosi's laptop she's frantic [Music] there were some people in there that were special forces mixed with antifa and they took her laptop and they had that data

so you'd say well look you only got 12 days or whatever it is to the 20th why worry about it just let them go out no they are terrified because they have that data i believe they also have a source that is talking like a songbird and the president is going to spring that person on us so it will completely completely change because it is someone that has said i'm not going to do this this is treason remember this is treason high traces circa to use the emergency broadcast system or emergency action message did you see yesterday that the an email went around telling everybody about the emergency broadcast system so those those little signals that you see you see that what i saw was the september 18th or 19th executive order 2018 that if foreigners were involved in the u.s election the president could declare an emergency that means he knew back two years ago and that's why it you know it's just all

come together that kovit covid19 was a biological attack let's let's not say it was an accident and it slipped out of a food market or anything we're not that naive anymore it's standard simultaneously remember when was impeachment same time december january when kovid 19 was coming in so they had that deception the media it's just like now you look at the media and all they're doing is talking about wednesday so something's going on it's a distraction it's a distraction military terms it's a tactical deception congressman gave him an excuse not to to give the delay because they said oh well you know now these people are violent so it's also used for that purpose so that's how they played that yeah and they knew and uh all i can say is we must stand up you are just like this young soldier at normandy or the battle of the bulge this is a critical time for the world because if america goes down my wife is ill and so it was interesting lat or this morning the night nurse i've got 24 7 nurse care so that's why i'm here the night nurse said this is why we came here she came from haiti she said this is what we tell her she's got twins a boy and a girl 12 children and she said my husband and i tell him this is why we came here for freedom she understands it so yes networks across the country what what would be

certain points that we need to communicate to all our church networks around the country well i was on with carla dean last night there were like 625 civic leaders and that's the question they asked me i think what we need to communicate is is back the president tell them how serious this is this isn't just a a fraudulent election it is changing our whole lifestyle it's engineered it's coordinated the covid19 it has to be look at this and and what's going on and we think it's because of medical dr fauci tells us well we've got to shut everything down look at what they've done to the world [Music] and look look at the republicans the depth of this corruption i had a call from a chap who was a congressman in georgia and he called me he's trying to get general flynn's because he's excuse me he's talking about corruption in other areas what they've done as i said it's just yesterday that i found out that comey sold the hammer and scorecard system to the chinese so we got a problem now i happened to see this four years ago because i was the air out

of shea in london and i was a vice commander at the 111 wing in england and i was a commander of the third air force when we attacked tripoli in 1986 gaddafi i know the gchq which is the government communications headquarters which is our equivalent of fort meade nsa signals intelligence and uh what what is important about it when it started the russian collusion and i saw how the information was coming out of the united kingdom they were falsifying it creating all this you know so and so said he's russian well that's the saul olinsky mod they were doing what the democ they were accusing president trump of doing what they were doing it he'll repay them so if you see the corruptness that's going on and it has been how many years it's been going on why did president obama move to kalorama less than three miles nearby the crow flies have valerie jarrett move in with them with their husband and put a skiff a skiff in his home because of the signals intelligence now that's that's the danger so in answer you asked the right question i don't know exactly what we need to do except we must understand that this is pervasive it is cut through our whole society every senator and rep house member of the democrats know that biden was elected unconstitutionally i mean is that the model for the future stay in your best basement have one rally with 14 people in a car blowing their horns please it doesn't pass the sniff test

wake up america that's what we've got to tell our neighbors that's we've got to tell our church group and the people that say well there's no evidence there's tons of evidence look for it but how much is fox news gone out and i just started the first of november a single person i don't have people helping me you know except dan and these type you know we're on the air but the fact is they have not investigated when they say the data isn't real there isn't evidence what have they done to investigate it what nancy pelosi's laptop is it with fbi [Music] today i thought that was counter information operations honest but no ann i've seen the laptop our special forces took out that's why she's so frantic think about it you only got what 12 days the 20th days eight 12 days now let them go out but they're calling she calls the vice the chairman of joint cease and staff the vice president misses the opportunity and unfortunately i believe the vice the vice president's committed treason now never would i have thought in these halls after walking through the white house and when my last job in the air force i was a number three man in the air force on the air staff and i also did vice president gore's reinventing government so i would go to the white house every two weeks with the whole federal

government i was one person that represented the department of defense for vice president gore's reinventing government i never would have thought what has transpired since that time frame and so tell everybody wake up america this is serious stuff we're thinking what those soldiers that went across the delaware in 1776 with george washington that's where you are now that's where we are are we going to stand up for that [Music] yeah well i've got to run but god bless you
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If they were "comrades", then they clearly were not Trump supporters.
I see. The FBI investigations show it was Trumpers/QAnon with weapons and/or breaking into the Capitol. Trumpers/QAnon states and/or posts videos showing that they were there with weapons, breaking into the Capitol. But hey, some random internet dude refers to them as "a companion who shares one's activities or is a fellow member of an organization", so "Antifa".

Comedy routine? Psyops? Troll?

The GOP-corporate divorce is a blessing for the party’s future​
November’s election revealed that the class realignment of our two parties is solidifying. Democrats have increasingly emerged as the party of upscale suburbs, of Silicon Valley and Hollywood and Wall Street, of the owners of capital and the professionals who service them. The GOP, meanwhile, is trending toward a multiracial working-class party, preferred by those who generally make their living by toil.​

The GOP-corporate divorce is a blessing for the party’s future​
November’s election revealed that the class realignment of our two parties is solidifying. Democrats have increasingly emerged as the party of upscale suburbs, of Silicon Valley and Hollywood and Wall Street, of the owners of capital and the professionals who service them. The GOP, meanwhile, is trending toward a multiracial working-class party, preferred by those who generally make their living by toil.​
The NYPost might want to "follow the money".