Trump Consciousness

Everyone seems to be missing the most tell tale thing that happened at the Capitol. While there were some clashes with police. There were also instances of the police opening the control gates, prompting protesters forward to the building and even standing by an open door as they flooded in. Some took selfies with the cops inside the Capitol. There was no real resistance at all. That is the elephant in the room.

So either a good part of the security symphonized or it was allowed to happen for political leverage. I think it was the later.

I think their will other events soon to come for the same reason. Either false flags or incited/allowed to occur in order to justify some of the policies coming down the pipe. That is how they play people time and time again just as you're getting played right now.
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So typical, talk all around the subject except for what is clearly in front of them.

"If the prosecutor is not fired you're not getting the money" - Joe Biden.

The lack of integrity is appalling. Just be honest and see it for what it is instead of this bullshit political siding and empty insults while ignoring the issue.
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