Trump Consciousness

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He could have saved so many lives by really leading, instead of shrugging responsibility of to the states.
He would have gained so much credibility, he would have been untouchable in the elections.
The idiotic argument that Corona was a Democrat conspiracy to break Trump is absurd.
Any other president, Democrat or Republican, would have seen this as an opportunity to be seen as some sort of "wart time" president.
But not President pussygrabber of course, only denial of science, looking for magic bullets, lying and lots of people dying.
He is a murderer, and his weapon is incompetence.

How is history going to judge him in a few years? Will he bee seen as the mass murderer he is?
  1. Major League Baseball,
  2. Coca-Cola,
  3. Delta Airlines,
  4. JPMorgan Chase,
  5. ViacomCBS,
  6. Citigroup,
  7. Cisco,
  8. UPS,
  9. Merck.

Statement by Donald J. Trump, 45th President of the United States of America​
For years the Radical Left Democrats have played dirty by boycotting products when anything from that company is done or stated in any way that offends them. Now they are going big time with WOKE CANCEL CULTURE and our sacred elections. It is finally time for Republicans and Conservatives to fight back—we have more people than they do—by far! Boycott Major League Baseball, Coca-Cola, Delta Airlines, JPMorgan Chase, ViacomCBS, Citigroup, Cisco, UPS, and Merck. Don’t go back to their products until they relent. We can play the game better than them. They didn’t even get approval of State Legislatures, which is mandated under the U.S. Constitution. They rigged and stole our 2020 Presidential Election, which we won by a landslide, and then, on top of that, boycott and scare companies into submission. Never submit, never give up! The Radical Left will destroy our Country if we let them. We will not become a Socialist Nation. Happy Easter!​
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For a couple of minutes and before 13:42 GMT today 8th April 2021 on BBC World News a clip was talking about children and there was a number of things on a list in the background. Had thought that had seen the word 'kidnapping' from a distance. Then thought it must have been something else as it was like a kids kind of clip. Then a close up of the list was shown a little further on and it said something about
'kindnapping a piece if sky' as part of a childrens story which couldn't really be read previously when it was at a distance. The BBC consider very carefully what is broadcast, down to the very last word and shade of colour etc. What the fuck is this weird shit?
I think it's part of some satanic belief that by showing their evil even in indirect ways it somehow consolidates their 'cabal' , whether it's video clips, statues, prominent figures. Fucking freeks
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I think for now this is the last time i address the employed troll subject in the way i have been generally in different threads over the last few months
Imo all employed trolls (the ones who dont realise how bad their employers are)
whoever they may be (no names from me), they know who they are, i think you all suffer from DAS (Dribbling Ass Syndrome), not just verbally but literally
I remember hearing some months ago that Meghan Markle, Harry's wife, was looking to do some kind of deal with Disney. I hope she has thought better of it as in my opinion there are individuals behind Disney who are part of this satanic ritual abuse cult as i think is the case with Netflix