Trump Consciousness

Anyway Silence apart from the mountain of evidence, inconsistencies and malpractice which i cant be bothered going into, from what i remember one county in the US (which wasn't seriously flagged for election fraud) is the only place in the whole US that has managed to get permission to audit their paper ballots. They found 6% of the votes were fraudulent. I think it was somewhere in Arizona
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Gotta say tho. The cops seem far too trigger in the US. I very often make a point of being a bit defensive with cops, firstly because i'm not doing anything wrong but also to keep them from getting too big an idea about themselves. Is the main thing that puts me off coming to the US. Like i could scratch my leg and end up with 4 slugs in me. Also when my brother was in the States he was taking a picture under a bridge and a bunch of cops turned up to say it was a restricted area. Because he didn't cower into yes sir no sir and asked what the big deal was all about, one of them was pointing at another cops gun saying 'don't you know he can kill your ass' . He was taking a picture somewhere which seemed public, unarmed and had his life threatened. Very sad