Trump Consciousness

Jim, I don't belong to Twitter or any other social media, and unlike previously, Twitter doesn't let me see the tweet. It would really help if you cut and paste out of the tweet as well as supplying the link.


The tweet is a link to this web page (below) which has has a live video feed of OAN Encore - OAN is a small but growing cable news channel in the US. Encore is a rebroadcast of their talk shows.

After watching it, I subscribed to the full OAN channel on (which streams the channel over the internet) for one month (I don't get cable TV because I don't want to support news channels I don't watch.). However I don't plan to renew - I think the news channel is good but I don't like video news I'd rather get news from various sites so I have more control over what I see.
Jim (and others), it is worth realising that not everyone has joined Twitter, and for those who have not, Twitter links just do not work, even though it did in the past - so it is better to post the link followed by a paste of what it contains.